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A Lady Cut Him In Line At The Tire Pump, So He Got Satisfying Revenge And Made Her Wait Even Longer

by Trisha Leigh

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I know that road rage is dangerous and there’s nothing you can do when another driver decides to be a complete jerk.

That said, it can be really hard to keep your cool when a stranger makes you see red.

OP had a low tire and got in line for the free air a Wawa.

This happened to me last night. I got in my car to pick up my girlfriend and my tire pressure light came on.

I have a 12v air compressor in my backseat but it’s loud and fills sort of slowly, so I opted to drive to the local wawa. (For those who don’t have Wawa, it’s like if 7/11 got sober and went to college.)

Wawa’s air pumps are free to use which usually means there are at least a few cars lined up, but when I pulled in there was only one other car. Score.

I pulled behind the guy filling his tires and an older gentleman in a BMW pulled in behind me.

A lady asked to cut, and when he said no, she did it anyway.

After about 3 minutes a woman in a brand new Lexus pulls up directly next to me and puts her window down. “I only have to fill one tire, do you mind if I go in front of you?”, she asked.

I said, “Actually I do, we’ve been waiting here for a little bit, sorry.” She muttered something while rolling her window up and I put up mine.

About a minute later the guy at the pump was done. He backs up and before I can even put my car in gear Lexus woman pulls her car in front of mine diagonally, blocking me from pulling into the spot, and then pulls straight in after the first guy has moved.

She climbs out of her car and gives me the MOST INFURIATING little wave.

So, he blocked her in and proceeded to use his own small air compressor to fill his tire.

At this point my anger gives way to a ninja-like calm, and I know exactly what must be done. I pull my car forward and stop ~6 inches from her rear bumper.

The air pump is in the corner of the lot, so Lexus woman has a curb in front of her, a curb to her right (where the pump is), an open spot to her left, and now my dirty car right behind her brand new one.

She is busy filling her tire and doesn’t notice that I’ve pulled right up to her car.

I step out of my car, grab my air compressor from the back seat and start setting it up to fill my tire.

Also, the guy behind him.

Mr. BMW, who has remained completely still and silent, sees what I’m doing and asks if I can fill his tires too.

I say “of course” and motion for him to park in the empty spot to Lexuslady’s left. As soon as he pulls in she notices what’s happening and starts yelling.

I flip on my air compressor and begin filling my tire, her cries drowned out by the sound of 250psi of justice. She comes and stands in front of me, face beet red and little flecks of spittle popping out from between her cigarette teeth as she calls me all sorts of names.

I calmly say “Ma’am, I only have one tire to fill. You don’t mind, do you?”. Mr. BMW is absolutely loving this, and as I finish my tire and move to fill his she starts up again.

I finish Mr. BMW’s tire and he thanks me for my help, climbs in his car and pulls away grinning.

I wrap my compressor up nicely, pick a good song, and set my climate control to a balmy 82 degrees, all while Lexus lady is trapped in front of me. I calmly back up, give her a little wave, and drive off into the night.

The top commenter loved OP’s turns of phrase.

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This person agrees on the satisfaction level.

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They’re all a lot happier than Lexus lady.

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OP could have taken it even further.

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Overall it’s a 10/10.

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Do you figure she learned a lesson about cutting?

Probably not, but a girl can dream.

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