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A Woman Pregnant With Triplets Didn’t Go On A Family Ski Vacation. Now Her Mother-In-Law Won’t Let Her Hear The End Of It.

by Matthew Gilligan

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I’m at the age now where I’m not going on any trips where I can’t enjoy myself and be part of the fun.

What’s the point?!?!

Which brings us to today’s story: was this woman wrong for refusing to go on a family trip?

Get all the details below and see what you think.

AITA for refusing to go on family vacation and “ruining it” for everyone else?

“Every year, the first week of the year my MIL and (step)FIL take their kids, and now their families, on a vacation.

This started because both have kids from other marriages and it was too hard/chaotic to try to work out Christmas with the other parents so they started this and they celebrate Christmas there. They always go to a place where they could go skiing and/or snowboarding.

She’s always made the best of it.

I cannot ski or snowboard, I’ve never made a big deal of it and I would just go tubing or to the spa and just generally relax while they are out.

In 2022 I was pregnant so I couldn’t go tubing but I also had a 1 year old so I went out with him in the snow and played, walked around, or just hung out in the room.

Last year I had 3 kids (my now 2 year old and 2 7 month olds) and was pretty much stuck in a non baby proofed room with them all week. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience but I did it for the sake of their tradition and for my kids to see them.

Here we go again…

This year I was also pregnant again, with triplets. I told my husband that I would rather not go this year because I don’t want to be far from the hospital in case and I don’t have the energy to keep up with 3 toddlers in another non baby proofed room.

Since all I would be doing is watching the kids, I’d rather do it at our home where I’m comfortable. He said he understood and asked if I would mind if he went. I told him I would rather him not go the whole time, because we need time off for when the babies come, but otherwise I didn’t mind.

So he told his mom and she wasn’t thrilled with it, really wanted our kids to come and him for the whole week, but she dropped it.

Things blew up.

When my husband arrived at the vacation, his mom apparently lost it and started crying and ran to her room. FIL said she had hoped he would bring the kids because now it’s not a “family vacation.” She was apparently sad the rest of the time.

My husband said he just wanted to enjoy some time with his family and if he had brought the kids he would be spending time with his kids in a hotel room not the rest of the family.

So then they moved to me: “why couldn’t she come and watch the kids” “she’s not that far along” (22 weeks) “she’s watching the kids at home anyways, she could do it here” etc. My husband stuck up for me (at least he says he did) but the comments came here and there for the rest of the week.

We mainly ignored this and after the trip they didn’t bring it up again. Then they asked if we could come down for my husband’s brothers surprise party at the end of February.

That’s a NO…

This was a pretty easy no as I’ll be 29 weeks with triplets by that point, husband told his mom and it’s like the flood gates have opened. Every possibly “slight” I’ve committed against them is coming out but mainly me skipping the vacation and “ruining it” because it wasn’t a family vacation and that was the whole point.

They say I’m keeping my husband from them on purpose. They aren’t wrong in that I could’ve watched the kids in the hotel room so I’m wondering if I am the *******?”

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I wouldn’t go either if I were her!

Sounds like a drag!

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