March 29, 2024 at 12:49 am

Airbnb Guests Discovered They Were Being Watched By An Outdoor Camera, So They Reported Him And Got The Rental Shut Down

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Best-Horror3986

Another day, another Airbnb story on Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page…

And this one is a doozy!

Check out what happened and see if you think this couple was out of line.

AITA for leaving a really nasty Airbnb review?

“My husband and I stayed in an airbnb while visiting my sister and her family. I made dinner our last night for everyone at the air bnb.

It was in an outdoor area and we grilled. It was 5 people total and it was 4 adults and a 7 year old.

My husband gets a random call on his phone and it’s the air bnb people and they said no parties on their listing.

This is a dinner with family. We have some words with the owner including calling him a creeper.

Things went sideways in a hurry.

We call airbnb and they really didn’t handle it and the owner tried changing us $500 dollars for a party.

This argument goes on and we left him a one star review and called him a spying creep. Getting his listing taken off the site.

We complained and filed fraud charges on the card and getting the whole amount of money back.

It was a freaking process for sure because we filed a police report on creepy spying host.

I get he might want to have cameras outside but who actually watches a a family eating and grilling.

This is a tricky situation…

It’s still an issue and he hasn’t had his account reinstated and he’s sent us emails trying to explain his situation and we are putting him out of income.

I might be an ******* because I told him maybe he could get a job at the CIA since he likes spying so much and he’s now threatening to sue us over this.”

Let’s see what Reddit users had to say.

This person thinks all parties involved SUCK.

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Another individual shared their thoughts.

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This person had an interesting take.

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This person didn’t hold back.

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Another Reddit user thinks there were probably more cameras in this house…

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These folks need to get a grip!

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