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An Honest Worker Refuses A Tip From A Generous Older Client, So They Pay Him Back With An Incredible Experience For Him And His Girlfriend

by Ryan McCarthy

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Reddit is full of stories from the cheaters, liars, and scammers of the world, and their victims.

But every once in a while a story of genuine human compassion sneaks it way onto Reddit, and we get a break from the depths of human depravity.

And sometimes we need a little sunshine and rainbows to distract us from all of the terrible things going on in the world.

Well this story is that perfect dose of sunshine.

When this user refused a generous tip from a client who asked him to make her husband’s Christmas gift, they paid him back in the most amazing way!

Check it out!

Boomer got malicious compliance on me

I have a hobby that I turned into a small business, its not a lot of money but its kind of nice and its a thing that I enjoy doing.

Over the last 5 years or so I have developed a reputation as a man of my word, and someone who provides a great product at a fair price.

I live in an area that has a lot of vacation homes around a lake, these homes are owned by people who have $500k or more to spend on home to go to on weekends during the summer.

Mary and Steve were two of these people. Mary and Steve own a couple of business, and they are known for treating people fairly.

Even people that they have fired usually acknowledge that they had it coming.

Mary came to OP with a request to make her husband’s Christmas gift.

Mary stopped by my shop back in September, she wanted to hire me to do some work for them, for Steve’s Christmas gift.

I could do what she wanted me to do, I gave her a price tag of $5,500. She agreed instantly. we shook hands and I went to work, I got it finished up December 20th, just in time.

I had to take a few days off from my regular job to make it happen. Marry was thrilled at the results.

She went to get me a check and she wanted to write it out for $11,000. Double what we agreed on.

I declined telling her the $5,500 was what we agreed to, and that’s all I was going to take.

But soon Steve was knocking on OP’s door, telling him to take the money.

December 26th rolls around, and Steve shows up thanking me for his Christmas gift gushing over the craftsmanship.

He then complains about how I wouldn’t take the bonus money that I was offered, and I explained to him ” Mary and I agreed on the price, and we shook hands on it. a deal is a deal.”

Steve says to me “Well at least, let me buy you and your GF dinner.. 21 times.” He had a big mischievous grin on his face.

I should have know he was up to something. I thought about it, thinking local restaurants, and agreed.

But Steve had one condition for his generous offer.

Then he said “My choice, any place I chose all on my dime.”

In hindsight this should have clued me in to the fact that he had something up his sleeve. I smiled laughed and said ok.

The entire month of January went by I didn’t hear anything from Steve and Mary, which is fine were not exactly in the same social circles.

At the end of January, all of a sudden my GF just got super happy, like giddy, I knew she had a secret she was keeping from me but I wasn’t sure what.

And when OP’s girlfriend told them they were going on a trip, he wasn’t even thinking about Steve’s promise.

She told me pack my bags for a Valentine’s day trip we would be gone for 10 days, and bring my passport. We would leave on the 10th of February.

We got to the airport and who would you guess was there, Steve and Mary. I was shocked.

Steve said he had a “debt to pay”, and he “owed us 21 meals, at time and place of his choosing.”

Well, he chose Rome over Valentine’s Day. I tried to say no, he threw my words back in my face, ” a deal’s a deal”

The 4 of us spent the next week in Rome Italy. Steve and Mary paid for our flights, hotel room and 21 meals. All of our tours and and transport was on us.

We got back home on the 22nd of February. We had a great time.

A lot more uplifting than most stories from  r/maliciouscompliance! It’s like something out of a movie, the four of them all on mopeds zipping around Rome.

Reddit, in true Reddit fashion, lost the beauty of this story in their focus on semantics.

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Are Steve and Mary accepting applications for new friends?

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