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Annoying Roommate Told A Guy Not To Say “One Word” So He Said Two Instead And Turned The Heat Up

by Trisha Leigh

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There comes a moment in every relationship – no matter how tentative – when one or both parties realize it’s never going to turn into more.

You can handle things maturely, or you can have a bit of fun.

OP was into this girl, but her roommate was a real piece of work.

Back in college, I was hoping to date Sarah.

Sarah had a roommate – Leila – who was dating Tom. We all generally got along, but Leila was a real drama queen.

Self-absorbed, everything was about her, and her response to any perceived slight was always over the top. Leila definitely had Karen qualities even while still in college.

I can’t imagine how much worse she got with age and experience.

He put up with her until the day he realized the girl he liked was never going to jump in with both feet.

The four of us spent a bit of time together, but I eventually realized Sarah was just stringing me along.

On that day, I was primed by my frustration over Sarah’s indecision and Leila was having another one of her frequent over-the-top meltdowns about something stupid.

I started to offer some commentary, but Leila put up her index finger to shush me . . .

Leila: “Not one word, Baka . . . Not. One. Word.” (if you didn’t catch it at the top, baka-tari = my username)

Enter his malicious compliance.

In that one crystal moment of mental clarity I realized that I was tired of putting up with Leila’s bull just to spend time with Sarah, especially when Sarah clearly wasn’t going to commit. It just wasn’t worth the headache any more.

You don’t want me to say one word, Leila? Not one word? Okie dokie, dearie . . . challenge accepted.

I looked her in the eyes and gave every impression that I was caving to her demand, then quietly and calmly said:

“**** . . . You.”

Leila acted like she was going to jump off the couch and attack me. Tom quickly wrapped her up while she yowled and struggled like an angry cat – though not struggling quite enough that she’d actually get free of him.

It was very obviously a “hold me back” moment.

Bridge burned, I just walked away from all of them for good.

I don’t think I said two (more) words to any of them the rest of my time at university.

Satisfying, right?

The top comment says those moments of clarity are as amazing as they are rare.

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People were really breaking it down to the bare bones.

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There was also a big side track over his username.

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But it made for some good stories.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I think we’ve all had moments like these that we let pass us by.

Which is probably why this was so cathartic.

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