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Annoying Roommates Decide To Stop Contributing To The Apartment, So Woman Moves Out And Takes All The Furniture and Household Supplies With Her

by Ryan McCarthy

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Roommates can either be your best friend or the literal bane of your existence, trust me, I’ve had it both ways.

Even when you get a place with your friends, you can quickly realize hanging out with someone and living with them are two very different beasts.

But the worst roommates are the one who do nothing for the apartment, never clean, never replenish anything, always relying on everyone else to make sure things get done.

But when this user was stuck with two such roommates, her and her friends got their revenge by moving out unexpectedly and taking all of the furniture they had bought with them!

Check it out!

Roommates stopped contributing, so we left them nothing

This happened during my junior year of college. I (Claire) lived with five other women. (I’ll call them Abby, Brooke, Dani, Ella, and Fran.)

When we signed the lease on the house, we agreed to a one-year deal (June 1-May 31). The house was off-campus and unfurnished, so we needed things to make it feel like home.

Prior to moving in, we all sat down and decided what we needed for the house and who was going to bring what and also settled on a chore schedule.

We also decided that we’d have a household supply fund set up so we could buy things we all would use like toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent, and laundry detergent.

As it turns out, Dani, Ella, Francesca and I brought most of the stuff we needed: couch, small dining table, dishes, silverware, drinking glasses, cookware, food storage containers, etc.

And while things started out okay between the roommates, they soon ran into some problems.

Things went pretty well during fall semester. Shortly after that, however things started to decline.

Abby’s boyfriend Andy basically moved in with us and the two of them started acting like they owned the place.

Left a dirty dish in the sink? They’d leave a passive-aggressive note about how rude it was to do that.

Come home after the library closed at midnight? Abby and Andy went to bed at 10 and if you woke them up there was hell to pay.

Pretty soon, Brooke and her boyfriend Brad were acting in much the same way.

OP and her more tolerable roommates understandably were not thrilled with this living situation, and began making plans to move.

By early February, it was clear to Dani, Ella, Fran, and me that we did not want to live with Abby and Brooke another year. The four of us found a different place and signed a lease.

We let Abby and Brooke know and from then on, the two of them, plus their boyfriends, went from partial jerks to complete jerks.

They’d do things like stop the clothes washer mid-wash, take our clothes out, dump them on the floor, and start their own laundry.

They’d use up all the hot water by taking super long showers. They’d write “return to sender” on our mail.

They destroyed flowers our boyfriends sent or brought to us. They refused packages. They stopped contributing to the shared supply fund and stopped doing chores.

So when the opportunity to move early arose, they couldn’t say yes fast enough!

About a week before Memorial Day, Ella got a call from the landlord on our new place saying the previous tenants had moved out and we could move in early if we’d like at no charge.

Dani, Ella, Fran, and I discussed it and decided to get out of our current house ASAP but didn’t tell Abby and Brooke of our plans.

Memorial Day weekend rolls around and Abby, Brooke, and their boyfriends head out of town to go camping while the rest of us put our plan into action.

With the help of friends, Dani, Ella, Fran, and I got all of our stuff moved out.

And without all of OP and her friends’ belongings, the apartment was looking a little sparse. 

And when I say all, I mean all.

Living room furniture, dining room furniture, dishes, silverware, cookware, food storage containers, baking supplies, shower curtain, rugs, lamps, vacuum, broom, dustpan, etc.

We also decided that since neither Abby nor Brooke had contributed to the shared household supply fund since March, we were taking those supplies too.

The toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent, laundry detergent, and so forth was ours, and it came with us to the new place.

But when Abby and Brooke moved back in, the universe had a little extra karma in store for them!

Abby, Brooke, and their boyfriends were shocked to return from their camping trip to an empty house.

What made our petty revenge even sweeter was that on their way home from the camping trip, all four of them got food poisoning and were really, really sick.

The scathing texts we got about moving out unannounced AND taking all shared household goods–especially the toilet paper? Priceless.

Dani, Ella, Fran, and I are great friends still get a good laugh about the situation about 12 years later. None of us have heard from Abby or Brooke since graduation.

I don’t understand people who treat their roommates terribly and still expect them to go the extra mile for them.

If you haven’t paid for anything since March, why would you think you’re keeping any of the household supplies?

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