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Babysitter Called 911 When Their Baby Stopped Breathing, But His Wife Screamed At Her For Wasting Their Money

by Trisha Leigh

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Babysitting is not an easy gig. When you think about it, it’s sort of wild that we trust teenagers with our most precious possessions – and pay them less than we probably should, to boot.

Asking a kid to babysit and then not informing them of your child’s scary medical condition seems to be a no-brainer call as far as whose TA here.

OP has three children and a babysitter they trust.

So basically here’s what happened. Me and my wife hired our babysitter who we’ve been going to for years, we have 2 sons and a daughter and we’ve been hiring her since my oldest son was a baby (though it was mostly her mom looking after the baby while she was ‘helping’ so we gave her a couple of dollars for that 😂😂😂).

She’s now 16 and can look after the kids all on her own and my oldest two love her! (My youngest is only 7 months so I’m not sure he really gets it yet 😂😂😂, but he seems relatively happy when he’s with her).

It was the first time the teenager was watching all three kids alone and he came home to find his wife screaming at her.

This Friday my kids daycare has been closed for renovations and Daisy (our babysitter) has kindly offered to take care of them after school, from 3:30-6pm!

I get home from work at 6 and my wife gets home at half 6, however, I got home early from work at half five, when I got home I found my wife yelling at Daisy while Daisy was just sobbing and apologizing.

I asked my wife what was going on and all she did was just start yelling that Daisy had cost us a bunch of money, my first thought was that she’d broken something, but my wife wasn’t telling me what it was.

She told Daisy she wouldn’t be paying her for her time and to “get the f–k out of our house and never come back or she’d call the police”.

They had forgotten to inform her that sometime the baby passes out. She’d called an ambulance and his wife was upset about the cost.

Daisy then ran out crying and I left my wife to calm down while I comforted my kids (they were all crying in a different room while my wife yelled at Daisy). When everything had calmed down, I got the full story from my wife.

So here’s what happened: My mother had been looking after the kids until 3:30 while we were at work.

This was Daisy’s first time looking after my youngest son, though we knew we could trust her with the babies since she looked after my daughter alone when she was a baby.

Something important that you should know is that my youngest son has breath holding episodes, which occur when he gets frustrated or is in pain, and he will just hold his breath, to stop them you just have to blow on the baby or they will just snap out of it on their own, they’re completely normal and relatively safe in babies, however, the episodes can sometimes cause passing out and blueness, and it’s normal and he usually wakes up within a few seconds.

To cut a long story short my mom forgot to tell Daisy what to do if that happens, and when my son passed out, Daisy panicked and called 911, and then my wife.

The babysitter left screaming and his wife left, too, because OP didn’t agree with her.

My wife is now angry that Daisy called 911 for ‘nothing’ and has now wasted our money on an ambulance ride.

Me and my wife are now arguing because I think Daisy did the right thing but my wife doesn’t, yesterday we got into a heated argument, we both said some hurtful stuff and she is now staying with her mother for a few days while she ‘thinks over my priorities in the relationship’.


Reddit…take it away.

The top comment is completely appalled by OP’s wife’s behavior.

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This is the least of what that babysitter is owed.

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She honestly did the best she could with the information she had.

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Honestly, no one can believe this woman.

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I hope the babysitter reads these too.

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I am absolutely wrecked for this poor babysitter.

Honestly if this had happened to me I think I’d need therapy.

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