March 6, 2024 at 6:43 pm

Bar Owner Knows You All Are Sneaking Drinks Into Bars When You’re Just Drinking Water Or Soda

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@pat__light

You think you’re sooo slick don’t ya? 😉

Bringing that shooter, that flask, into the bar, and sneaking a mixed drink under the table.

Ok let’s be honest, who here hasn’t attempted it? Or at least been with someone who has?

It’s almost like an early-20s right of passage when you’re out at a bar, and your paycheck is not all grown up yet.

It’s always a risk, everyone knows that.

But one bar owner from New Jersey lets everyone in on just how much of a risk it is, from the bar’s point of view.

Source: TikTok/@pat__light

He sets up his position of authority off the bat, adding immediate credibility,

“I own 7 bars, and operate 5 in Hoboken, NJ, across the river from New York City. Our bartenders are supposed to pay attention to anybody who orders just soda water, or diet coke.”

They’re watching youuuuuuu.

Source: TikTok/@pat__light

He continues,

“A crowded bar, 12:30 at night and you’re all drinking diet Coke, that’s pretty suspicious. So we’re gonna watch you, and we’re probably going to have a bouncer near the bar.”

Source: TikTok/@pat__light

Check out his full breakdown here. He knows, guys:


Replying to @STLBlues This is how we catch people as bar owners when they bring in flasks into the bar. #patlight #hobokennj #hoboken #nycfood #restaurant #restaurantowner #jerseycitynj #collegebar

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Let’s see what folks had to say.

Some commenters brought the jokes.

Source: TikTok/@pat__light

While a couple people were thankful for this insider info.

Source: TikTok/@pat__light

While others noted how hard it is just to order a dang drink in the first place.

Source: TikTok/@pat__light

How about a good ol pregame?

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