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Bride-To-Be Shares A Hilarious Story About How Crazy Difficult It Was To Get A Groom’s Suit For Their Wedding

by Ryan McCarthy

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a bride or groom, everyone wants to look good on the day of their wedding.

That means a lot of time developed to getting the garments perfectly fitted to your body, and trying to stay as close as you can to that weight until the wedding.

And while all this time we thought the dress was the most stressful piece of of wedding attire to shop for, but apparently its the suit!

Well at least according to TikTok user, whose husband went on an absolute journey just trying to find a suit to buy for their upcoming wedding!

Check it out!

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Her video begins with her and her husbands quest to find a suit for his wedding, which they say started at good old Men’s Wearhouse.

“We stand there for 30 minutes and no one comes up to us. I go up to this kid, he was like 17 years old. I ask if someone could help us find a suit.”

Luckily for her, he says he’s going to go find someone to help them. But instead of going to find someone, he just walks behind the counter and introduces himself to her again!

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She admits they were a little caught off guard, but wanted to give the kid the benefit of the doubt. “My fiancé asked if we were to rent a suit, if there was a holding fee they could pay because of their destination wedding.”

The kid told them there wasn’t and that there would be a flat fee of 50-70 dollars for every day the suit wasn’t returned, but the good news was anyone could return it to Men’s Wearhouse.

“Okay well that’s not gonna work because they’re also coming to the destination wedding.” And to that, this kid gave them the profound response of “Yeah.” Oh, and a head nod.

She said if they would have had good customer service, they might have actually bought the suit there, but instead, they went to Macy’s the next week.

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This time their customer service was incredible, and she said the man helping them was absolutely hilarious.

“There was another customer who needed to be checked out, and he had my fiancé come around the desk and start filling in his information.”

But this convenient way to get his information had an unintended consequence. “People start coming over and asking him for help, and he’s like I don’t work here!

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Even other Macy’s employees thought he worked there, with one even coming up to him and asking for his help solving an issue! But after his shift at Macy’s, the two of them ran into a problem.

“The very next day, he get’s an email. The vest has shipped but the pants are out of stock. Then I order the blue pants and the blue vest, but the blue vest is out of stock. Then the tan pants come back in stock, but by the time I order them they’re out of stock!”

And just when she thought she had solved the issue with Macy’s she gets an email saying her new order had been cancelled!

But when they decided to start over from scratch and return the vest in store, they were in for a shock. “Guess what was sitting right on the rack? THE ORIGINAL BLUE SUIT MATT WANTED!”

Check out her wild story for yourself!

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Many people were quick to say that while Macy’s is crazy, it definitely is a bargain!

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This user suggested people follow her husband in using a local tailor.

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This department store worker said she never had the proper training to fit people for suits.

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And some people thought the kid at Men’s Wearhouse was just trying to add a little levity to the situation.

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Finally, this user shared that a Brooks Brothers outlet may be the secret to finding a suit for cheap!

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Maybe for my wedding I’ll shop vintage, get one of those baby blue 80’s prom tuxes.

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