March 16, 2024 at 2:39 pm

Chili’s Is Rewarding Its Employees With “ChiliBucks,” And One Server Reveals What She Used Them For

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@ficusgirlxoxo

Jobs are always coming up with new and interesting ways to motivate their workers.

One job I was at played Bingo with the items you could get your tables to buy, but the only square that ever actually got crossed off were the margaritas!

The best reward for your work though, in my opinion, is free food, especially if you work in a restaurant. No cheesy reward is better than a piping hot plate of chicken fingers and fries.

But this user went to TikTok to reveal the strange way the Chili’s she works at motivates employees: ChiliBucks. And when you hear what she used her ChiliBucks on, I guarantee you’ll be surprised!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@ficusgirlxoxo

@ficusgirlxoxo starts her video by revealing there’s a strange new reward system at the Chili’s where she works.

“The managers have been giving us these chili bucks. And basically you can save them up and redeem them for different things like sweatshirts or fanny packs,”

For a second I thought ChiliBucks would be used to buy food at Chili’s. Now that’s a reward I would work hard for!

Source: TikTok/@ficusgirlxoxo

But one day her manager had an unusual reward available to exchange their ChiliBucks for. “Today my manager came up to me and was like, I have Petsmart gift cards.”

At first she thought her manager was joking, but when she realized they were dead serious, she seized the opportunity before anyone else could!

“I took them all. So now I have five $5 PetSmart gift cards. They cost me $100 worth of ChiliBucks.”

Source: TikTok/@ficusgirlxoxo

And soon her hard earned ChiliBucks had turned into 25 dollars off her much needed PetSmart run, turning her total from $35.98 to $10.98.

“I got two big bags of my unscented bedding, and then I got two crickets for my tarantula. Thanks Chili’s!”

Imagine telling someone you got rewarded a bag of rabbit bedding and two crickets for your hard work at Chili’s.

Sounds crazy, but for this user it’s true!

See her Chilibucks for yourself!


Im so used to giving now i finally get to recieve #chilis #petsmart #petsmarthaul #hamster #tarantula

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TikTok wasn’t quite sure how they felt about ChiliBucks, with some saying it was only a way for Chili’s to avoid upping its employees’ wages.

Source: TikTok/@ficusgirlxoxo

But this Chili’s general manager loved the idea, and wanted to know more about how the whole system worked.

Source: TikTok/@ficusgirlxoxo

This user was reminded of Dwight’s hilarious “Schrute Bucks” from The Office.

Source: TikTok/@ficusgirlxoxo

And finally, this user said if her work implemented ChiliBucks, she might works a little harder.

Source: TikTok/@ficusgirlxoxo

All I’m saying is, couldn’t they increase your salary per hour and then you could just… go to Petsmart yourself?

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