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Couple Brings Their Young Son On A Trip With Old Friends, But One Of Them Wasn’t Cool With It Because She Doesn’t Like Kids

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@Plastic_Tea2094

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AITA for bringing my toddler on a group trip even though it made my friend upset?

“Me (29M) and my wife “Angie” (27F) have a son, “Sam” (turned 2 this week).

We’re part of a friend group made up of 7 people, including us. There is one more couple in this group. The other three are “Zoe” (32F), “Greg” (41M) and “Tim” (30M).

There’s a small problem…

Zoe doesn’t like kids. She openly avoids them whenever she can.

I’ve always known about this, and have no problem with it. There have, however, been occasions in which she seemed to take it a bit too far.

The friend group lives all over the country now, and most of us only get together once or twice a year.

This January, we all decided to take a 5-day trip to Greg’s beach house. It’s in a different state, and a two-hour flight away.

Both Greg and Tim have children. Greg made sure to invite us over while his kid would be with his ex, but Tim is a single father and couldn’t afford to leave his daughter with a babysitter for 5 days.

An agreement was reached.

Due to that, it was decided that both Tim’s daughter and Sam were welcome on the trip.

Angie and I offered to leave Sam with my mother-in-law, but the whole group, including Zoe, said it was fine.

All of these decisions were made two months in advance.

Two days prior to the trip, Tim informed us that his daughter had chicken pox, and he had to cancel their tickets to stay with her.

At that, Zoe called Angie and said, “Guess your mom will have a busy week!”

My MIL was traveling and wouldn’t be back for another week.

We had no other babysitting options available (or time to find one), so we told Zoe that we were still bringing Sam with us.

Zoe tried to lay down the law.

Zoe protested, saying that she was only okay with having kids around during the trip because she knew Tim had no choice, and we had “no excuse” to bring Sam now that Tim’s daughter wasn’t coming anymore, but we held our ground.

The others took our side.

During the trip, Angie and I made efforts to help Zoe avoid Sam as much as possible.

This ended up making our own trip underwhelming, as we were spending a lot of time apart and didn’t get to see our friends as much as we wanted to, but it worked.

Zoe and Sam were in the same room a total of four times, including both our arrival and departure from Greg’s house.

In spite of that, she insists that we ruined her trip by bringing him, and that it was selfish of us to not consider her feelings about children after Tim dropped out.

Zoe hasn’t spoken to us since we flew back home. This week, she unfollowed Angie on Instagram 10 minutes after she made a post for Sam’s 2nd birthday, so I think she’s still bitter.

Angie has been feeling guilty about this. I tried to reassure her we had no other option and it was unreasonable of Zoe to ask us to change our plans at the last minute like that, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t consider we might be in the wrong.


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I guess not everyone loves kids, huh?

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