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Couple Forced A Woman To Move Out Of The House She Just Sold Them, And She’s Angry Because Her New Condo Isn’t Ready Yet

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AITA for forcing the seller of our house out before her new place was ready?

“I (25F) and my husband (25M) moved into an apartment in Oct. of ’22 and had been looking for a house.

In Jan. of ’23, one of my mom’s friends (we’ll call her Mary(60?F)) told my mom that she was moving into a condo about an hour away from where her house was so that she could be closer to her mom.

Mary is also mentally disabled from a work accident years ago, but is able to live alone and take care of herself.

They thought this was a good idea.

She asked if we wanted to take a look at the house and we loved it and said we were interested in moving forward. We agreed on no realtors and to use real estate lawyers instead.

We were also getting a discounted price. At this point, she mentioned that her condo was still under construction with a projected finish date of June. That was okay with us and we began the process in April.

As with most construction projects, there were delays, so we were patient with her as our original time frame of going to settlement and moving in June/July passed us by.

Everything seemed to be on the up and up.

I had talked to her in August asking if my husband and I moving in October 1st works for the timing of her condo being finished. She said that it would and I told her that was great and that I would let my landlord know that we would be breaking our lease.

I also informed our real estate lawyer and asked him to set the settlement date accordingly. Less than a week later, I received an angry email from my lawyer stating that he was quitting because Mary and I had been making plans behind his back that he was not aware of.

This was a surprise…

Apparently, she had told her lawyer that we agreed to settle October 25th, which was not what we had discussed. I emailed him back and resolved the issue, but we were not to contact the owner without him.

This is where I feel like I might be the *******.

My husband and I along with our lawyer had an incredibly uncomfortable conversation with her about how she needed to be out by no later than October 13th because our lease was up on the 15th.

She was crying and saying that she had no one to help her move out and that her condo was not complete because they did not install safety bars in the shower yet. I explained that we would not have a place to live if she was not out and that settlement was 2 weeks prior to when we asked her to move out, so she would be living in a house that no longer belongs to her.

This wasn’t going well.

I also said she has the ability to live with her mother while the bars get installed. I said there are many services available that will pack and move your stuff for you. She ignored what I said and continued to cry and actually was whimpering and calling for her mommy. I ended the call because I was so uncomfortable.

She cried to my mom on the phone about this. I told my mom my side of the story, but she continues to mention that I wasn’t being reasonable and should have allowed her to stay longer. I feel I was patient and accommodating throughout the process.

We have been in the house for months, but my parents still don’t approve of how I handled it.


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