March 6, 2024 at 1:45 pm

Customers Kept Asking To Try On A Pair Of Unsanitary Tights, So Employees Devised A Plan To Make Sure Nobody Wanted To Use Them

by Trisha Leigh

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Common sense is one of things that can sometimes seem in short supply. And just when you think explaining things will help, it all backfires.

You would assume that people would understand why they might not want a used wig, but alas.

OP worked part-time in a costume shop.

My family owns a costume shop that I would (and still do) volunteer at during the busy seasons (like Halloween). Two of things we sell are costume tights and wigs. People would constantly ask to try on both, and would get upset when we told them no.

I shouldn’t have to tell you, wise readers, why you don’t want to put a used wig on your head. Its lice, thats how you get lice. Plus, these wigs are costume quality.

They’re basically made to look good ONCE, and these people always insist on putting one on by leaning over and flipping their heads back like it was a shampoo commercial.

A move that totally ruins the wig to the point no one would want it afterwards, not even them.

People would always want to try on the wigs and tights, and refused to listen to reason.

The tights? These are also costume quality tights, not workout yoga pants or leg warming tights you wash and re-use, they’re glorified colored pantyhose.

If I didn’t need to tell you about the lice on your HEAD from a wig, I shouldn’t have to tell you about why you don’t want to try on someone rando’s underwear either.

But still they would ask. Still they would get angry.

We would tell them it was about the lice, and they always pulled the “Well I don’t have lice!” response, as if that meant they were immune to the little buggers for all eternity.

So, she got an idea.

Well, one day we had just changed the display on a mannequin that had tights and a wig, and I get an idea.

I head back into the kitchen area and grab a spray can of Lysol and a pair of salad tongs that were sitting in a drawer. All of these things went under the counter, and the waiting game began.

Not just a few hours later, I got my first bite.

“Can I try on these pantyhose?”

“Not those, no. But we have a try on pair you can use instead!”

I reach under the counter and pick up the tights from the mannequin with the salad tongs as if they were a biological hazard, held them out at arm’s length, and then sprayed them up and down with Lysol like a pair of bowling shoes.

She understood real fast why what she was asking was a Bad Idea™.

It has stood the test of time.

Those tongs, tights, and wig stayed under the counter for YEARS after that as the whole family got in on it. Nice people who took no as an answer were fine.

The ones that got huffy and demanded we let them do it anyway?

They got likely the cleanest, most disinfected pantyhose in history handed to them on tongs.

Oddly enough, no one ever accepted the offer!

You have to have a disclaimer.

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Some people need the visual.

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Life imitates art and all of that.

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Words are hard for some people.

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More than you ever wanted to know about head lice.

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This is an excellent use of malicious compliance.

Some people just have to see to understand.

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