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Delivery Driver Was Written Up By Supervisor For Doing Nothing Wrong, So They Decided To Play Her Game And Drove Her Nuts

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@A-Truckers-Thoughts

Well, this is infuriating…

It’s a story that comes to us from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page and all I can say is that at first, you’ll be totally annoyed…and then you’ll be impressed by the way this truck driver handled a real pain in the neck at work.

Check out what happened!

Wanna discipline me for being right? I got you.

“I work for a freight delivery company, drive a semi truck, and usually go out with 10-15 deliveries a day.

Rules are rules…

Our policy is that when you deliver to a residence you have to take a picture with the work phone as an additional proof of delivery. That has morphed into now if the delivery receipt (dr) says “residential” you have to take a picture of it, regardless if it’s going to a business or a house.

There are so many small details on a dr that can get missed so this is an important detail.

One day last week I have a delivery for “Laura Lopez” (Name changed). It was being delivered to a construction company that Laura is an employee of, the Dr does not say it’s residential. I make the delivery and leave, no picture.

Next morning my ***** of a supervisor says, “I have a write up for you.”

Puzzled, I ask her for what.

“For the Laura Lopez delivery yesterday, it was residential.”

They pushed back.

I explain to her that it was at a business and the dr did not say residential.

She wasn’t having it, I should also mention that her and I butt heads often and she’s been trying to get rid of me for some time.

I told her that we need to go talk to my manager about it, so we do, and he sides with me because she has no ground to stand on.

This infuriates her.

I tell her that under no circumstances will this be an issue again.

Okay, if you say so!

That day is when I start my malicious compliance.

I take pictures with the work phone at EVERY STOP.

What happens is when I hit depart on the work phone it sends a pop up to her computer with the picture and she has to acknowledge it before she can do anything else on her computer, I crashed her computer 3 times that day.

At one stop I took 20 pictures.

I get a call from her telling me that I have to stop taking pictures.

I politely tell her that I’m covering my *** and not going against policy. “I’m giving you an order!” I laugh and hang up.

Pettiness prevails!

Sure as **** she wrote me up for it.

I don’t even argue, I say we need to take it to my manager.

I walk in and he says, “what now?”

I tell him the story, he looks at her, takes the write up and rips it up.

“Are you seriously writing him up for over performing?”

She had no words, and I still take a picture at every stop because I’m petty.”

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Well played, friend!

Not bad at all…

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