March 6, 2024 at 4:44 pm

Family Friend Let A Child With An Allergy Order A Peanut Dish, And Broke Up Her Parents’ Wedding In The Process

by Trisha Leigh

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As someone who has lived with a peanut allergy her entire life, I admit this is a sensitive subject for me.

But still…I don’t understand this woman’s side of things at all.

OP’s friends are engaged. They have a daughter with a peanut allergy.

I am 31F, I have a friend name Anna 35F and Alex 33M has a seven-year-old daughter named Frankie who has a severe peanut allergy.

Alex is very protective of Frankie and takes great precautions to ensure her safety.

When OP was with the daughter at a restaurant, she “forgot” the kid ate a peanut dish and had to be rushed to the hospital.

One day, Anna and I decided to go to a restaurant, and we informed Alex beforehand.

He explicitly told us to make sure that there were no peanuts in the food.

Unfortunately, in the midst of ordering our meals, I completely forgot about Frankie’s allergy, and she ended up eating something with peanuts in it.

This resulted in Frankie having a severe allergic reaction and requiring immediate medical attention.

Her parents got into an argument because the father was upset with OP.

Upon learning about the incident, Alex understandably became angry and upset.

He directed his frustration towards me and Anna, stating that we should have asked about the presence of peanuts in the food.

Furthermore, he expressed that he no longer wanted me around Frankie if we couldn’t be more responsible I busted out in tears.

This argument escalated, leading to a major fight between Anna and Alex and ultimately causing their wedding to be called off .

OP wonders whether or not it’s her fault they’re not getting married.

Now, both friends and family are placing the blame on me, stating that Anna and I should have been more cautious and that I ruined the wedding because I’m an idiot who doesn’t listen.

The top comment says OP needs to grow up.

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This is just unacceptable.

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That said, OP isn’t responsible for the relationship ending.

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This person thinks choosing Chinese food at all was pretty irresponsible.

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Everyone is pretty much on the dad’s side on this one.

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Y’all, this is just irresponsible.

If you’re out to eat with a child who has an allergy, that has to be the first thing on your mind.

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