March 5, 2024 at 12:39 pm

Girls Bullied A Student And Her Friends, So They Made Sure None Of Them Got Into the Schools They Wanted. But Is The Story True?

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

It’s a sad fact of life: a lot of bullies DO NOT get put in their place and they just keep on bullying people.

But this story is different! Because it may not be true.

Still… even if it’s not, it’s highly satisfying

Take a look…

Bully me, I’ll ruin your chances at your dream high school.

“This all started in my 8th-grade year. my school was a good one with many of its students going to extremely good high schools.

These girls were in my friend group with about 3 other boys. I will call the girls: Angela, Ella, and Emma.

Angela’s mom was a very high rank on the school board.

And I will call the boys Todd, Adam, and Jackson. Just to make the story clear.

Some cheaters got caught…

Angela, Ella, and Emma weren’t that smart so the cheated from me and my friends during the test. When they got caught, they blamed it on my friends and me.

Guess what? My friends and I got in trouble and got over 20 detentions. The girls used Angela’s mom’s rank against me and my friends to let them cheat off of us on test.

Me and my friends new that girl 1’s mom couldn’t do anything, however, we let them cheat off us because their parent were jerks and we knew that patience would get us the best revenge. at this point, we had kicked Angela, Ella, and Emma out of our friend group but they still cheated off of us. they then proceeded to bully us and spread rumors about us.

They basically ruined our last year of middle school, (our school chain has elementary schools that filter into the middle school) so it was probably my last year with a lot of my friends that I had known for many years.

How about some revenge…?

Here’s the revenge.

We took screenshots of what they said about us on social media. We also recorded what they said about us and to us.

Most of it was inappropriate and derogatory.

We bided our time, collecting every mean thing that they had said to us until the end of the year.

Since all of the girl’s parents and siblings had gone to a really good school, all the girls really had to do was pass with low Bs or a high C and they would get into a good school. Let’s call it school A.

And they all got into school A.

Let’s see how this goes!

My friends got together on the last day of school and put together all of the evidence that we had gathered and emailed the administration people at school A.

In the email, we had explained the situation and also had proof of the girls cheating on test and all school work. we sent the email and waited.

About 2 days later, I get an email back from School A saying that they have reviewed the email and reviewed all of the evidence and they have decided to rescind Angela, Ella, and Emma’s acceptance into school A.


The cherry on top. Well, actually there’s two.

School A forwarded the email to all other schools in our area so the girls couldn’t get into any of the schools in our area.

The second cherry on top is that we used my real email address to send it so the girls knew that it was me and my friends who had sent the email.

Angela’s parents called my parents over the phone furious, my mom let me answer the phone and act like I had no idea about what she was talking about.

I love my mom.

Last I heard, they were all attending an online school.”

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Whether this one is true or not… just don’t be a bully.

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