March 1, 2024 at 5:37 am

Greedy Cable Company Tried To Force His Mom To Upgrade Her Entire System, So Her Son Found A Way To Get A Better Deal For Less Money

by Trisha Leigh

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No one is a stranger to the experience of calling the cable company and ending up in a fight for your life as far as changing to an upgraded, more expensive plan.

Experience does make one better equipped to get out still clutching your wallet, but it’s still no one’s favorite thing to do.

OP is living with his parents and dealing with tech stuff.

Context: I’m living with my parents while finishing my degree.

Part of that deal is helping them with technology. I’m by no means a computer genius, but I can generally gets devices to do what I need them to.

When a piece of equipment stopped working, his mom called to get it replaced.

On to the story: One of the cable/PVR boxes stopped working. I did all of the “did you try turning it off then back on again” troubleshooting, and no dice.

So the account holder – my mom – called the company and spoke to Liz (not real name).

Liz informed my mom that ALL of the boxes and the modem need replacing, as the ones we have are old and obsolete.

We’re annoyed, but fine, let’s do it.

They put the pressure on but she was cool enough to buy some time.

This leads to Liz telling my mom that they no longer offer the plan she currently has, and was coming in with some high pressure tactics to upsell my mom on things she doesn’t even need.

Frequently cutting her off, talking over her, being condescending for her minimal knowledge of tech jargon.

My mom then cut Liz off, asked her to call back in a few hours so she can “discuss it with her husband.” Liz reluctantly agrees, they hang up.

With it, he put together a better deal for less money.

My mom catches me up, seeming frazzled that a “please fix this box” call turned into “completely overhaul the cable/phone/internet equipment and plan.” She asks me to help.

Cue malicious compliance.

The two hour gap she was supposedly “discussing with her husband” was actually time I spent piecing together a new bundle for her.

All new boxes, new modem, faster internet, same phone, same cable, plus 6 months of free streaming – all for about 70% of what she was paying before.

the salesperson was definitely unhappy (I wonder if they get % commission?) and the company ends up making less money off my mom each month.

Does Reddit think this qualifies as malicious compliance? Let’s find out!

The top comment says for sure.

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Everyone knows the cable company are complete weasels.

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The definition of soul-sucking.

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Swindling people isn’t for everyone.

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Some people live for that ish, though.

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I am glad they helped their mom out.

She would have lost some dollars otherwise.

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