March 11, 2024 at 5:19 am

Greedy Older Daughter Kept An Inheritance All For Herself, But Is Upset They’re Buying A Car For Her Sister

by Trisha Leigh

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Man, there are a lot of crazy stories on Reddit, but I’m not sure one has shocked me like this one in a long, long time.

I can’t imagine treating a sibling this way – especially if nothing bad had ever happened between us?

OP’s mother set up a fund that was meant to be split between her granddaughters.

My mother had a fund that was suppose to be for both of the grandchildren.

She told me multiple times it was for both of the kids. She also informed the girls that they have money.

Before she could split it into two accounts, she passed unexpectedly. All of the money legally went to her oldest daughter.

She passed away unexpectedly. My oldest name (Shelly) was the only one on the fund and it is legally hers.

She didn’t share it with her sister (Grace) and she has a huge head start in life with it.

Now, they are struggling to help their younger daughter pay for college.

Due to this money, she has been able to go to college debt free and is going to buy a house soon.

My husband and I have been scrambling to give as much money as possible to Grace since she really got screwed over. Even with all our help she still needs to take out student loans.

Grace is working while in college and she found a student job that gives free housing. The issue is that she needs a car for it.

And her older sister is mad they’re buying her a car so she can work.

So my husband and I are going to buy her a car because turning down this job will result in a ton of extra debt for her. Shelly found out about us getting the car and is pissed.

She is upset with us favoring Grace and that she never got a car from us. I pointed out she doesn’t need help financially at all.

We argued for a while and I had enough. I told her that if she pays for her sisters college then I will stop favoring her sister with my money.

She called me a jerk, an isn’t responding.

The mom doesn’t think she’s “favoring” her youngest – does Reddit?

The top comment says the older daughter should have honored her grandmother’s wishes.

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This person’s jaw is just on the floor.

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They say OP needs to be honest about how this has hurt their family.

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And yeah, they say she stole from her sister.

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This commenter thinks it’s time for no contact.

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I can’t believe she’s even asking Reddit this question.

I’m not sure I could ever forgive one of my kids for being so greedy.

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