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Gym Member Tells A Kid With Down Syndrome To Be Quiet, So Two Friends Make Sure To Troll Her With The Loudest Workout Noises Possible

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

The gym is a sacred, holy site for those of us out there with not much going on in life.

For rational others, it’s a place to sweat…

Some folks just can’t help but feel entitled to having everything their way in life.

And when you add the intensity of a gym into that equation, things can get…ugly.

This story is one just like that, that involved a special needs gym attendee.

Angry lady yelled at a special needs person at the gym so we did a bit of trollin’

This guy named Michael has Down Syndrome and he is at the gym with his father 4 days a week around the same time. He is very nice and positive. He yells encouragement and compliments to people working out.

When he arrives at the gym and if he sees me, he yells very loudly, something like, “Heeeey! How are you! Glad I can see you.” And if he likes my shirt, he tells me he likes it and the things he likes about it.

Michael is a genuinely good person and I love seeing him when I work out.

You gotta love that Michael’s out there giving his all.

When he’s working out, he makes loud “ooooo” sounds that sound like a cow going “moooo” but without the “m” part. It is very loud especially when he is getting in the zone in his workout.

If you’ve never seen him, you’ll look up, see him lifting like a beast – and being the mature adult you are – can tell he has Down Syndrome, mind your own f*****g business, and go back to your workout.

Apparently that was too hard for someone this evening.

Enter the complete wet blanket of the night.

A lady with her training group (about 5 people total) were working out next to Michael.

How the gym is laid out, the aerobics/stretching area is next to the dumbbells. Still plenty of room for everyone.

Michael is doing his thing, having a great workout, but is getting very loud. His father is nearby working out on the machines near the dumbbell area.

One of the ladies gets annoyed and walks up to him and yells at him to keep it down.

Michael’s response was unintentionally perfect too.

I know the father (we have similar jobs and talk sometimes about work). We both made eye contact and our eyes widen.

We are both thinking, “W** is wrong with her….” Michael is not hurting anyone.

Almost everyone has on headphones, anyway.

Michael said, “Oookay!” very loudly.

That’s just him but it felt like a hilariously smarta** response. haha!

Everyone gets back to their workouts. Michael obviously is just as loud as ever making those noises.

Lady gets p****d, walks up to him, and literally yells at him to keep it down.

The father intervenes, trying to cool down this escalated nonsense because of the trash human.

Father is understandably angry, walks up to her, tries to explain to her that he’s special needs and doesn’t mean to be loud.

They argue for a bit. I couldn’t hear everything they said but the conversation ended when the father yelled EXTREMELY loudly, “HE’S R*****ED! WHAT THE F*** DO YOU WANT FROM US?”

Then the walking ball of anger finally gets it.

Everyone stops working out and looks at her. Her face turns bright red and she sulked away. Everyone goes back to their workouts.

The petty revenge part: my workout buddy and I decided that we really really needed to workout our abs so we did some sit ups in the stretching area. Next to their group, and grunted loudly when we got to the last few reps.

They said nothing to us, though, but we still had fun.

OP had some post-realizations, but still loved how it all turned out.

While I was writing this, my workout buddy said he thinks she was angry because they were trying to record a video and his noises were ruining the recordings.

Didn’t think of that..

Now it makes sense why she was getting so angry.

Michael probably kept ruining her takes. hehe!


Some people still walk through life thinking everything revolves around them.

Let’s see what folks had to say.

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One thing’s for sure… she’ll never do that again!

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