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Her Boyfriend Demeaned Her Skills, So She Challenged Him To A Junior Job Interview And He Failed Miserably

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Sometimes in life, it’s better to just not speak up…or else you might end up looking like an idiot!

And the guy you’re about to read about should’ve taken that lesson to heart…

Was his girlfriend an *******?

Let’s see what the heck is going on here…

AITA for humiliating my BF and telling his friends?

“My bf(29M) and I(28F) met in the same company.

I since left but he’s still there. He makes about $130k in tech sales. I make $180k as a cloud architect.

He likes to complain because his commission compensation was reduced and the pre sales engineers got a raise.

Her BF is bitter.

I know it’s because a lot of sales people were writing really aggressive contracts that led to unhappy customers and now the guidelines for sales has made it harder to make sales. My bf use to make $40k more so he’s a bit ****** off about that although to me it’s just the natural downturn in the tech sector.

He was talking **** about how all presales engineers do is talk about products on PowerPoint and don’t do any actual work that makes the customer sign.

I got annoyed because he doesn’t know anything about tech and most presales engineers I use to work at had 4-8 years of software development experience not to mention very specific training on the products before they got to be making that salary.

I have 2 years of support experience 3 years of software dev experience before I made 180k and my bf only has sales experience so to discount with how much knowledge is needed is pretty lame. He said he knows some coding and could take their jobs.

This was gonna be interesting…

I told him since he thinks he thinks he knows their role he should be able to pass a junior coding interview and technical questions.

He agreed and said loser pays for dinner and I agreed. I got some interview questions and coding questions like fizz buzz and hash map coding questions.

And you can guess what happened next…

He couldn’t answer a single question not even things like what’s a difference between Java and Python, explain what the OSI layers are, what caching is and the craziest one is what’s the difference between SAAS and IAAS which he definitely should know because he is selling SAAS products.

I had 10 very basic questions and he couldn’t answer a single one. He also did make any of the code run.

He was mad and argued with me the entire time but I googled things to prove he wasn’t right he would sulk and didn’t pay to dinner.

I was kind of bitter he didn’t pay for dinner and when a friend of his came over a week later I told him about it and we had a good laugh because he always likes to complain how easy engineers have it while he has to travel and boasts how he could do their jobs easily.

He was there and yelled at me later for humiliating him.”

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One person thinks all the folks in this story are to blame.

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Another person thinks this was only embarrassment.

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One reader isn’t a fan of sales folks.

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This Reddit user said this was unnecessary.

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Another person thinks her BF has a huge ego.

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Maybe he should’ve just kept his mouth shut…?

You can say that again!

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