March 30, 2024 at 2:35 pm

Her Co-Worker Ghosted A Project For Four Months And Now Expects Her To Finish It But Still Get Credit

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@kateylewser

Sometimes there’s nothing worse than a co-worker who pretends to be your friend and then stabs you right in the back with an invisible knife.

And we’ve all been there. This person seems to really have your back but then suddenly they’re plunging that knife right in there.

Source: TikTok/@kateylewser

@kateylewser told her followers on TikTok how her colleague handed in a work project, stating she’d worked on it for months but in fact it seemed she’d just passed it on with little work done.

The TikToker called her colleague online and found out from the other worker that she had not written to her once in months about the project.

She said: “So she explained to me. It’s a really big deal. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible.”

She explained how the colleague claimed that she was so relieved as she’d put so much work into it. The TikToker said: “I’ve been working on it for four months.”

Source: TikTok/@kateylewser

And then she used her detective skills to find out that her colleague had not logged onto the firm’s project management app for months regarding the project.

She said: “So the chick worked on something four months ago, forgot about it for four months, and remembered about it yesterday. And now it’s my problem, and I’m gonna finish it but she genuinely thinks she did four months of work.”

Source: TikTok/@kateylewser

I wonder how long this co-worker has been lying her way to getting paid!

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Source: TikTok/@kateylewser

Now this is funny.

Source: TikTok/@kateylewser

Winning comment! And ouch.

Source: TikTok/@kateylewser

I think most of us have been through this at work. And it sucks!

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