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Her College Roommate Stole Her ID Card To Buy Food and Alcohol, So She Set Up A Trap To Catch Her Once And For All

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@igorstarkoff

A word to the wise…never rip anyone off!

You might think that you’re being sneaky and you might even get away with it for a while, but in the end, you’ll get in BIG TROUBLE.

Check out this story from Reddit and see how a college student got even with a no-good, terrible roommate.

Roommate thought she was sneaky. Ended up owing me $400 and got suspended.

“So, this happened my second semester dorming at my college campus.

They didn’t get off to a good start.

I had met my roommate at orientation and could kind of already tell she was going to be a pain in my ***. And I was right about that. I had planned on moving rooms to be closer to some friends the next semester.

But, let me get to the story that lead to my revenge.

On our campus you had to pay for meals using your student ID which had a certain amount of money on it each semester. You could also use an app that you put your name and ID info into and it makes it easier to pay. But, the name and ID must match for it to work (which will be important later).

Any funds from the fall semester would roll over into the spring. But, then at the end of spring it would just expire. Because of this, and because I only ate once or two a day, I had a ton saved up on my card.

She tried to be nice…

My roommate on the other hand, did not.

So, I offered to pay for some of her meals from time to time in trade of her picking up the food for us. Which involved her using my card twice in person and then she’d return it .

Then, one day, I noticed on my app that my card was being charged even when I was not ordering food.

And not just a meal, like a meal for several people. This meant that whoever was ordering (I wonder who) either had to have stolen my ID card (which I had in my pocket when I got the charge) or was impersonating my info in the app, which are both big no-nos on my campus.

I was quick to put two and two together and was pretty upset. I was initially going to confront her on it. But decided to formulate a plan instead.

That day I went and ordered a second ID card for $25 to use for later.

As it took a couple of weeks to get the new one. I let her charge several things to my card over a good two weeks. For her and her friends. And she wasn’t very good at hiding it either.

Her roommate took things to another level.

As they would come to our dorm and eat. While I just screenshot and sent emails to the support team of the app about the charges (knowing nothing would get done until I contacted someone in person). And one day it got even better, as you can buy groceries with the card off campus as well. She decided to pay for alcohol with my card.

Which doesn’t get pinged as an issue on my card due to me being over 21 but, she was only 19. Not sure how she got it, but it was just the thing to finally act on my plan.

It was time to take action.

I put my best sad face on and contacted the head of campus living and head of my dorm about the charges on my account. I dropped some hints that it could be my roommate and mentioned I got a new ID and asked what I should do.

I was told to order a new card and once I got it, to deactivate my current ID and use the new one for purchases now. Making my old ID have a balance of $0 and also to ping if someone uses it to buy anything. They also told me they would be visiting my dorm to discuss the issue with my roommate.

I accepted that and waited.

They sent the confirmation email that they would be visiting and I just decided to add more fuel to the fire .

My roommate was groaning about not having the funds for food in front of me in our dorm.

She was in for a surprise…

I told her I really couldn’t help her as I was running low on funds and she kind of just laughed it off and left the room to probably go use my old ID.

I deactivated my first card right after she left and surprise surprise she used my info to pay.

Except when she tried to pay for her and her friends this time, it was declined and it pinged that my ID was used.

Campus security was called and she was escorted back to our dorm.

Pretty much perfect timing for our meeting with campus living.

She was scared when they came to the dorm to talk and look through her stuff.

The evidence was all there…

On her phone, still logged into the app was my ID information and name. And in her dorm closet was a half full bottle of cheap vodka. And on my phone was a screenshot of said unauthorized vodka purchase.

In the end she was forced to pay me back all the funds she used (in cash), reported for underage drinking which automatically suspends you from campus living for at least a year, and would have on her record that she performed Identity theft.

Which I also could have charged her for out of school.

Well, that worked out…

In the end, I got to have my own dorm for the remainder of that semester and even part of the semester after.

Because it wasn’t put as an available room for new dormers. I did get all my money back (from her parents) who were so embarrassed and apologized profusely.

And when she did eventually come back to campus no one wanted to dorm with her because they knew she had stolen her roommates ID.

I think in the end she rented off campus.”

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Don’t be sneaky and you’ll do just fine…

Words to live by!

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