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Her Ex Asked Her To Watch Their Kids So He Could Visit His New Wife in the Hospital, But She Said No Because It’s Not Her Week With The Kids

by Matthew Gilligan

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Things sure can get tricky when it comes to divorce, kids, and new relationships.

No doubt about it!

And this story is a doozy!

Read on and see if you think this woman acted like a jerk toward her ex-husband.

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AITA for not watching my kids so their father could visit his wife in the hospital?

“Me and my ex husband divorced 4 years ago, we have two daughters together.

My ex husband remarried one year ago, and I knew that he and his wife were expecting because my daughters told me that they would get a sibling.

Now this Friday it was his week with the girls, he called me and asked if I could please take them earlier.

When I asked him why, he told me that he needed to be with his wife at the hospital.

She wouldn’t bend the rules.

I said no, that is not a reason to disobey the court order and that he either could stay with the girls, leave the girls with a babysitter or take them with him to the hospital.

I hung up before he could continue.

Her ex was very unhappy about this.

He texted me about two hours after telling me that I was extremely sick in the head and that for once, he was in a situation where he needed my help and I refused.

His best friend who was a mutual friend of ours until the divorce also texted me and said that he hoped I was happy with myself.

I don’t get how I could be an ******* but it obviously seems like he and his best friend has come to that conclusion, if I am the ******* yes I will apologize but firstly I need to know.”

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Another reader said she sounds bitter…

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Another reader said she’s an *******.

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