March 11, 2024 at 4:41 am

Her Father And His Family Abandoned Her As A Child. Now He’s Back And Asking For Big Money Favors For His Parents.

by Trisha Leigh

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I am just appalled by how many parents out there are willing to completely abandon their children. Like, no contact for decades.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, sometimes they come back later and want the kids to act as if nothing ever happened.

OP’s father and his family had limited (or no) contact with her while she was growing up.

I (30F) was raised by my mom and maternal grandparents. Bio dad (49M) left when I was 4 and returned when I was around 20.

His parents occasionally called me and saw me only a handful of occasions when we would run into each other growing up.

None of them ever supported me financially or looked after me even when I was 8 and would spend evenings alone at home or walk alone to guitar practice and swim lessons.

Still, she took over her grandmother’s work and helps pay for her care facility.

3 years ago my paternal grandmother retired due to advancing Alzheimer’s disease and I took her job which she had already offered before she started to get sick.

She is now in a care facility full time and I had been contributing to her expenses voluntarily.

Her father, who is getting married to a woman the same age as his daughter, asked her to provide even more for his parents.

Earlier this week my bio dad out of nowhere told me that he is getting married and has been living with a woman for almost 4 months.

They just bought a house. She has two kids from previous marriages and she is also in her early 30s.

Today my dad asked me to buy some stuff for his mom and to take his dad to a doctor’s appointment.

She said no, and asked the care facility to put her on the bottom of the contact list, too.

I said no and told him that if he has time and money to care for 2 kids then he has to have time and money for his parents.

I also reminded him that he has a brother and his parents have 2 other grandkids.

I will be keeping contact with the care facility so they can let me know directly if my grandmother needs anything but I will be at the bottom of the contract list.

AITA for refusing help that I never got?

The top comment says OP has done the right thing.

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This person is stunned by her father’s audacity.

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They say OP has already gone above and beyond.

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Maybe it’s time OP start being at least a little selfish.

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It’s also about time he handle his own responsibility.

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This woman has a heart of gold.

I hope someday she has a family who all deserve her.

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