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Her Friend Is Having Trouble Getting Child Care, But She Remains Adamant That No Kids Are Allowed In Her Home

by Trisha Leigh

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There are an increasing number of posts on Reddit that involve child free people struggling to deal with friends who do have kids.

It could be that those friendships are just not meant to be.

OP has a high school friend group who she regularly hosts.

Howdy guys, recently my friend group has been divided on an issue. I have a group of six friends and their significant others from highschool. All of us are in our mid 20s.

The only person in our friend group is Jessica, who has two young children and is a single mom.

I’m the only person in my friend group that can host, as my husband and I own a decent sized house and don’t have anything stopping us from hosting I guess.

One doesn’t want to host, two live with their parents and can’t, another has roommates that won’t let them, etc. we all live in a rural area so there isn’t really anywhere to go for more than a quick dinner, so someone hosting is the only way we can all hang out really.

She has a “no kids” rule, which often excludes one of her friends.

When I host it’s always later in the day; around 7 pm ish. That’s when most of us are off work.

I also have a no children rule for my house, since my dog is afraid of children and I honestly don’t like kids anyways.

(My nephew yanked my dogs tail several times so now my dog growls at kids).

She’s actually made them leave her home, which led to an argument.

I had a gathering last weekend, a dinner time bbq. Everyone was invited; same rules as norm. Jessica asked if she could bring her kids, because she can’t afford a babysitter and since both of their dads aren’t involved at all.

I said no, because of my dogs and also because I don’t want her baby and toddler at my house. The last time she brought them she kept trying to push them off on other people who didn’t want to hold them so she could relax.

Also her toddler puked on my 5k white couch, which I had to replace. No she didn’t pay for it.

Jessica blew up on me in the group chat, and said that I always exclude her. I told her I’m not excluding her, I’m excluding kids. All kids.

She’s welcome to come if she finds someone to watch her kids. I also told her she’s welcome to host.

She kind of went on about how none of that is possible and now she isn’t talking to anyone.

Her friends are split on the matter.

Our group is split, half think it’s my house my rules. One said maybe if she screwed better guys she’d be able to have a babysitter.

And two think that I should just let her kids come.

To be honest, if it was someone else I would maybe cave. But I don’t like Jessica that much, especially since she didn’t pay for my replacement couch.

AITA for making child not friendly plans that someone in my friend group can’t make it to?

Is Reddit? Let’s find out!

The top commenter doesn’t really like OP’s tone.

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While this person clearly thinks ESH.

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Others are hung up way back at the beginning of this story.

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There’s really no reason they have to stay friends.

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Plenty thought that they all sound pretty unsympathetic.

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I have to agree with the commenters, here.

I’m glad I’m not part of this group chat.

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