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Her Sister Wants Her To Change Her Niece’s Name Because She Wants It for Her Own Child

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@HotSpringDrink

This is a weird one…

I’ve seen a lot of “Am I the *******?” stories on Reddit in my time, but this one…it’s odd.

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AITA for refusing to call my niece anything else but her chosen name?

“My (27f) husband (33m) and I are currently taking care of his recently orphaned niece (8f) with the plan to later adopt her.

Her first name is Kelly and middle name is Ann but she prefers to be called Ann and been that way for a few years now.

She introduces herself as “My name is Kelly Ann ___, but you can call me Ann.”

Uh oh…

My sister (29f) is 8 months pregnant with her first child and several months ago found out it’s a girl. She has always wanted to name her daughter Ann and is excitedly telling everyone.

Upon learning of Kelly Ann’s situation and how my husband and I plan to adopt her, my sister told me a few days after that we should start telling Kelly Ann to call herself Kelly instead of her middle name.

She said 2 Ann in the family will be confusing so Kelly Ann needs to get used to being Kelly.

They’re not hearing it.

My husband said she was being ridiculous and if anything it’s her baby that needs renaming because Kelly Ann has been calling herself Ann for years.

My sister argued that she has announced her baby’s name many months ago and we only planned to adopt Kelly Ann recently, so we should be the one making her rethink how to call herself.

I joined my husband’s side and told my sister Kelly Ann can call herself however she chooses to.

My sister and her husband called my husband and me AH for stealing her baby’s name, so AITA?”

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Yikes…sounds like a rough situation.

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