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Her Slumlord Wouldn’t Take Care Of The Rat Problem In Her House, So She Made Sure No One Else Would Want To Rent It

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@sigmund

And I thought I had bad landlords before!

Let’s just say that this story from Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” page put things into perspective for me…

Take a look at how this woman showed a slumlord the error of his ways.

Revenge on Evil Landlord.

“When I was in University, I’d heard stories about horrible landlords of student housing but hadn’t experienced it myself… Until my third year, when it felt like we got 3 years worth of bad landlords all in one go.

What’s that sound?

It began when I heard noises in the wall behind my bed at night, I brushed it off for a while until I realised that it was an animal in the wall.

I told the landlords the next day, and they immediately played dumb, acting as if I was stupid in front of my housemates for suggesting that something could fit inside of a wall.

That was the first alarm bell, why immediately try to embarrass me into dropping it? After explaining that I know what a cavity wall is, she asked if we’d seen anything in the kitchen (oddly specific, we didn’t think about it until later).

From then on her husband delt with us, we weren’t aware that he was our landlord too.

A little time passes, still nothing done about the noise in my wall, not that it was a surprise. I’d worked out by then that it was probably something like a mouse, and that it could run through the terrace of houses, as long as it didn’t chew its way through my wall or pass away in there I put the whole thing on the backburner.

Until we were all sat in the sitting room, and heard a thud in the kitchen.

Then squeaking.

Uh oh!

There was a giant rat in our kitchen.

The rat disappeared into a hole in the (completely crumbling) kitchen wall and the landlord claimed that we made it up, and that they’d never had a rodent problem (I contacted the previous tenants through Facebooking names I found on letters for them that had been posted to us by mistake; the property had had a rat problem for the last 3 years before we moved in at least).

I set a rat trap and caught one, took photos, and sent them to the landlord to tell him to sort the problem out.

Oh, here we go…

He told us that because there was a line in our contract about the landlord not paying for pest control (the contract specified wasps nests etc., we didn’t even think about rats when we signed it) that we’d have to pay the hundreds of pounds to fix it.

He’d knowingly written that into our contract so he wouldn’t have to pay out, instead of fixing the kitchen wall and the exterior wall where the rats were getting in.

To cut the rest of the setting the scene part of the story short; we called the council who sent a pest control team, while on their visit one of the men took my housemate to one side and told her that our landlord is evil and he is known for getting nasty.

They told him that it wasn’t our fault that there were rats, it was his, and he screamed in my face until he was bright red about how I was a terrible person and was trying to take him down for no reason (one of my housemates had to leave because she was scared. I wasn’t, we were in a room full of men – who were backing us up – making himself look worse for screaming in my face like that. I’m female and was 22 at the time, about half his size). He tried to sue us for slander (it isn’t slander if it’s true, so swing and a miss).

Now, for the revenge.

It was written into our contract that we had to be notified 24 hours in advance if anyone needed access to the house, which included house viewings.

She knew what she had to do.

I began my mission; stop any other students from getting stuck in this hellhole.

The house was being shown by agents so it made it fairly easy. I left the rat traps in prominent places, casually explaining why we needed them if asked, and if I felt I was being too subtle, making a fake show of “oh gosh, please ignore the rat traps!

The landlord said he’d fix the kitchen wall where they get in but hasn’t gotten around to it, so we have to catch them”. I was honest about the mold problem in the bathroom.

When I found out they were planning on increasing the rent by £100 a month(!) I made a point of saying something like “well, it’s just about worth the [rent I was paying]”. I made sure to say his name, so they wouldn’t get away with using his wife’s name as a front while his reputation for aggression stayed hidden.

The agents never said anything to me directly, and because we had to be notified I could always make sure I was home when there was a viewing (my housemates fully supported my revenge, but I was the woman of action in the house, when I’m sure I’m in the right I will do what’s necessary to make things right).

That was until they tried to turn up unannounced one day, not even knocking, just unlocked our front door and walked in. Luckily I was in the house, and kicked them out for not informing us, and told them that they were in breach of our contract (if the bad landlord could use it to beat us with, two can play at that game).

No new tenants had signed for the house by the time we were free of that hell hole, it’s been two years now though so I have no idea what happened to the rat house.”

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