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Her Teacher Didn’t Believe That She Was Using the Restroom, So She Decided To Make Her Next Trip As Long As Possible

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@gaberce

It’s frustrating when you’re a teenager and adults, specifically teachers, don’t believe what you tell them.

And you’re about to hear from a young woman who maliciously complied after a teacher wasn’t buying her story.

Check out how she handled this situation in the story below!

Want me to take more time using the bathroom? Okay.

“Recently, my school locked the women’s bathroom closest to my classes due to students skipping.

Well, that’s annoying.

My school groups all your classes in one proximity, so you can travel between them quickly and efficiently.

Most of us are frustrated, because the only other washroom is one across the school. Meaning a 2-4 minute bathroom break is now turned into a 10-12 minute one due to the walk there and back.

I decided to just suck it up and wait until they opened it again, as I am a rather quick walker and ahead in all my classes (besides maths and bio LOL).

A few days ago, right after the lock, I asked my English teacher to use the washroom.

I managed to make the trip there and back in about 7 minutes.

After class, my English teacher pulled me aside and explained to me that I “clearly wasn’t actually using the washroom” because I took too little time.

She explained that I need to take longer to even make it there, and while that’s usually true, I’m a fast walker as mentioned.

Especially when I need to use the washroom.

I nodded and apologized, every time I used the washroom, it happened.

Let’s stretch this out…

Until the point that they took me to the principals to have a meeting about my repeated “insubordination and avoidance of classes.”

I was fed up, and now I’m writing this on minute 20 of my bathroom break.

She wanted me to take longer, so I’ll take longer.”

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