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His Sister And Stepmother Have Always Been Cruel To Him, So Now That His Stepmother Is Ill… He Refuses To Help

by Trisha Leigh

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There’s something so awful about reading stories where children lose their (good) mothers at such a young age. I imagine there is almost nothing in this world that is harder on a young heart.

Except, perhaps, being tossed into another family afterward that doesn’t care for you properly.

OP had to go live with his dad when his mother passed unexpectedly.

I’m 16M and my sister is 15F. Our “dad” was married to my mom and he cheated on her while she was pregnant with me and a few weeks after I was born knocked up his now-wife with my sister.

My mom kicked him to the curb and I lived with her mostly, and saw my dad every other weekend until I was 6.

Then my mom passed from complications from her asthma and I had to live with my dad.

The reason I said “dad” is because he was never really one. Like yeah we lived with him for years but he has never been active in mine or my sister’s life. Never showed up to anything or spent time with us.

He went to live with his dad, stepmom, and half-sister.

His wife was the one and I hate her. After my mom passed she tried to call herself my mom, tried to insert herself into mom’s funeral planning and insisting on me not being named as her son in the obituary or anything.

She and my grandparents and aunts/uncles fought until they kicked her out. She tried to get dad to back her up and say she had the authority over me but he did nothing.

So I was with my grandparents for a few days and by the time I returned she told me she was my mom now and I should have respected her more.

Nothing about his childhood in that house could be called good.

I was very disrespectful to her for years. I know I was. I don’t even feel bad about it. I made her life heck and dad was never around to do anything. She always made things worse too by insisting she was my mom.

My sister hated me for treating her mom that would and because she doesn’t remember my mom, or remember the times when I wasn’t always there, she always refused to believe that I do and she tells me her mom is my mom in all the ways that matter.

She told me it was crazy how I made it seem like my mom did more than hers or that I am closer to my mom who passed “before I could remember her” when her mom was always there.

She also told me I should be glad I got to have a bigger family when my mom passed. So my sister and I aren’t close either.

Now, his stepmother is ill and he wants nothing to do with helping to care for her.

My sister’s mom was diagnosed with a neurological disease in June. She’s already struggling with some stuff and has regular medical appointments.

Dad is basically gone all the time now. He has not helped his wife at all and isn’t around for us, which isn’t new. But he’s also bringing less money “home”.

His half-sister thinks he’s downright awful.

My sister is upset about her mom and has taken her anger out on me. She is so disrespectful about my mom and has wished she could do stuff to her grave when she’s really trying to piss me off.

But the other day she told me my mom was disgusting and ugly, that she had been a bad wife and mom and that was why dad chose her mom. She told me her mom was so much better and I should be grateful for her and doing everything I can.

She told me we had to take care of her now.

I looked her in the eye and told her she was all alone in taking care of her mom because I hate her mom and would never help her.

She got really upset and broke down crying and ran off to her room.

Yesterday she told me I was such a jerk and I’m meant to be her brother and I should love her enough to be better and support her.


Is he, though? I bet Reddit will have some thoughts!

The top comment isn’t nice, but it’s funny.

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And this person agrees that things will always be different for her than OP.

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They figure that the dad has already moved on.

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This person has an adult comment, thank goodness.

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Not everyone wants to take the high road, though.

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He probably should take the high road.

I won’t blame him if he doesn’t, though.

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