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His Sister Called His Partner A “Gold Digger” But He Wasn’t Having It And Told Her To Mind Her Business

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@KimSisterGoldDigger

Those are fightin’ words!

Calling someone a gold digger?


And you better believe that the guy who wrote this story on Reddit was NOT happy with his sister.

But did he take things too far?

Get all the details below and see what you think.

AITA for yelling at my sister after she called my partner a gold digger?

“So I (30M) come from a well-off family, but my dad always taught me to work hard and have class.

When I was 14 I started working at my Dad’s company part-time to earn my allowance, and when I turned 16 I became a real part-time employee. My Dad decided to retire when I was 29 and handed the business to me.

Then he met  guy…

Back in my second year of uni, I met Kim (20M at the time, 29M now), we were in the same course and ended up in the same group for a group project near the beginning of the year, we had a similar sense of humour and clicked as friends quickly.

One day he mentioned he loves to cook and I told him we should cook together because I love to cook too, and that weekend we went to his place, brought some ingredients and cooked together.

This then became us going shopping for ingredients after classes on Friday, I’d stay at his place the night and we would cook on the weekend and this became our weekly routine.

It was a love connection…

Back then I just told others that we were just friends, but with hindsight, that is definitely when I started to fall for him. I finally asked him out a few months later and he said yes. We lived in the same house with two other friends in our 3rd year, and I asked him to move in with me after we graduated.

From the beginning, I told Kim that I would not care if he didn’t work, but he insisted he wanted to contribute financially. But after about a year I had to make him stop, due to the differences in our incomes, he was working himself half to ***** and was getting ill trying to “contribute enough”.

I sat him down and told him that whatever money he made didn’t matter, that if he wanted to work I wanted him to be happy.

He cut back his hours, then moved to part-time, then decided to quit and work on his own projects, but he insisted I let him take on some of the housework.

And then, there’s his sister…

Now onto the issue, my sister (32F), she and her partner (31M) both work and he also makes significantly less than her, and in private to me, she’s made it known that she resents being the breadwinner.

She sees all her male colleagues spoil and treat their wives and wishes her partner would do the same (he does but just not to the same level due to the fact he makes basically half as much as they do).

Recently I was talking to her about what I am going to get Kim for his birthday next month, she kept telling me my ideas were too much and that I should get something cheaper since he “doesn’t contribute”.

His sister crossed the line.

I got a bit annoyed because I’ve told her about Kim’s insecurities of not making or being enough.

I told her he contributes more than enough, she then called him a “glorified gold digger” and i yelled at her, telling her to shut up and to not talk about Kim that way.

After calming down i do feel bad, i know how she feels about her own financial position but i dont think its fair that she takes it out on me or Kim, even if Kim was not physically there, so AITA?”

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What was she thinking?

And why would she care?!

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