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Male Friend Wants To Share A Bed With Her On A Group Trip, But She Doesn’t Want To Sleep With Him For Weeks

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@yohannlibot

I don’t mean to sound rude, but if I was in this situation, I would say HELL NO.

No way I’m sharing a bed with a friend on a vacation!

Get outta here!

And it seems like the woman you’re about to hear from is on the same page as me…

Is she acting like a jerk?

Let’s see what she had to say…

AITA for refusing to share a bed with a male friend for weeks?

“I (F) am going on vacation with five of my friends. We want to rent a whole house together.

Four of them are in a relationship, so they will have two rooms as a couple. So there is me and the male friend left. Of course it would be way cheaper if we slept in a room together and would not have to rent a 4-bedroom house.

She wants some solo time…

I’ve shared a bed with him before during a short vacation and he’s a good friend, but this time I insisted on having my own room. I’m going to spend 1600$ on a 2 week long vacation. I’m honestly sick to always have to share a bed with someone I’m not in a relationship with or sleep on the couch during vacation, just because I don’t have a partner.

I know he doesn’t have any intentions to make a move on me, I just want to have some space for myself to relax and not having to worry about another person in my room (changing clothes, different sleeping schedules…) during my vacation.

There’s a problem…

I even offered to pay extra for having a room to myself. The problem is, he can’t afford paying extra. AITAH for still insisting on having my own bedroom?

Since there are still questions left, going to try to explain it better.

Renting a 3 bedroom house = 2 people/room

So we’d divide the costs equally.

Me having a single room means my friend will have a single room too. So let’s say the costs increase by 600$. For me it would be fair to divide the costs between us two, so each of us has to pay 300$ more.

The problem is he can’t afford the +300$.

What to do…?

So I’d have to cover the difference alone while we both have an upgrade and I’m wondering if that’s fair.

It just feels like I have to pay more to have the same comfortable holiday as the couples, just because I’m not in a relationship.”

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I’m with her on this one!

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