March 30, 2024 at 12:42 am

Management Demands Employees Drive Hours To Attend A Short Meeting In Person, So They Agreed And Billed 16 Hours Of Extra Work

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@mdlapla

Are you sure that you want to give me all that extra money…?

You sure you’re sure?

Okay, whatever you say!

See how this worker went along with the program and got a nice payday.

Sometimes all you can do is say yes!

Unnecessary meetings? Here’s your expensive bill.

“My company works with a customer that has a factory 2.5 hours away from us.

We’ve been working with them for years now, and we’ve been at the factory a couple of times at the start of the project.

Everyone at the customer works at that factory, we’re in charge of migrating paper trail to digital documents, for a company that has like 4 warehouses full of paper trail documents. The solution has been working for sometime.

If you say so…

Last week, they asked us for a meeting.

My boss said “ok, online, whenever you want.”

They said that they wanted an in-person one, that we should go to the factory.

My boss didn’t want to, so he said “If we go, I’ll have to bill you for the time.”

They said yes.

So Monday morning, my boss and the tech in charge of the process head down there.

The meeting lasts exactly 15 minutes. It could have been solved in exactly 2 paragraphs in one email.

This was pretty ridiculous.

Since they are there, tech asks the client to show them the paper trail warehouses and a tour of the factory, they happily comply.

Overall, the meeting that could have been 15 minutes or two emails lasted 5 hours of travel plus 3 hours touring there, plus the food.

Guess who’s getting billed 16 hours of work and the food for a 15 minutes meeting?”

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Sounds like a good payday.

Nice work!

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