March 21, 2024 at 9:46 pm

Mom Told Her 8-Year-Old Daughter That She’s Selfish And It’s No Wonder She Doesn’t Have Friends. But When Her Sister Found Out… Things Got Tense.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Did your parents ever call you selfish when you were growing up?

That’s a harsh one and it stings for a looooong time!

But maybe kids deserve to hear it once in a while when they’re out of line.

Did this mom go too far when she said it to her daughter?

Get all the details below and see what you think…

AITA for calling my 8 year old selfish?

“I have 3 kids (7, 8, 10) and my sister has 2 (7 and 10).

We went on vacation together recently and we took the kids to a zoo that also had a few rides. The kids went on the rides while my sister and I got coffee nearby.

We told them to meet us at a certain table when they were done.

It was time for a life lesson.

My 8 year old came to me much earlier than her siblings/cousins.  I asked if the rides scared her and she said no, she just skipped the lines.

I asked for clarification and she said when there was extra space on the ride, they asked for single riders to come up to the front so she did that for all 5 rides.

I told her the point of her going with her siblings and cousins is to have fun with them and that it was selfish for her to leave them so she could cut the line.

I told her I understand why she doesn’t have many friends if this is how she acts all the time and she started to cry and ran to my sister.

Not everyone agreed with her.

My sister ended up buying her ice cream and said that I was too harsh.

She told my husband and he’s mad at me for speaking to her like that.

AITA for calling my daughter selfish?”

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This reader thinks she was out of line.

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Another person shared their thoughts.

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This reader also said she’s an *******.

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And one Reddit user said this parent needs to DO BETTER.

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Yeah… she was way too harsh. You don’t need to tell a kid that young that she’s that flawed. She’s EIGHT.

Time to get some more compassion, mom!

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