March 30, 2024 at 9:37 am

NASA Rover Spies What Looks Like A “Star Trek” Symbol On Mars

by Trisha Leigh

While people on Earth have been telling each other to “love long and prosper” for decades now, a recent image sent back from Mars is really giving scientists a good chuckle.

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover spends its days roaming and taking pictures, and on this particular day, what looked like the delta-shaped Starfleet logo from Star Trek appeared in a photo of a rock.

It was taken on January 9th with the rover’s left navigation camera.

The next day Stuart Atkinson – amateur Mars enthusiast and “astropoet – documented the finding in a tweet.

What’s even weirder than the existence of an astropoet is that this isn’t the first time strange rocks on Mars have piqued the public’s interest.

Scientists are still trying to explain this odd donut-shaped rock, found by Perseverance in 2020.

Arizona State University researcher Jim Rice was interviewed about that strange rock on CNN.

“I can’t say with absolute, 100 percent certainty it’s not a meteorite, but I think it’s highly unlikely. The reason I saw that is because, this region we’re in, we see a lot of rocks that have these kind of hollowed-out interiors.”

The “Starfleet” rock is not as weird, comparatively, but is is delightful.

And that just might be better.

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