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Nosy Mom Wouldn’t Stop Gossiping About The Family, So Their Kid Set a Trap for Her And Caught Her in a Lie

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@theorql

Gossipers are NO GOOD.

They weasel their way into the lives of friends, family members, and co-workers and they wreak havoc on anyone who gets in their way.

But this person decided they had enough and they put a bully in their place!

Take a look at what happened in this story from Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” page.

This is how I stopped the gossip for good.

“My mum had a fairly consistent habit of gossiping, and sharing quite personal information around.

We knew she was doing it, but she would adamantly deny having ever done such a thing.

It was time to show Mom what was up…

I wish I could remember what she did that finally made me snap, it can’t even have been that important, it was just the millionth time, and for once I wanted her to admit what she’d done and know that we knew too.

So we set up the sting.

My friend Jane and I approached my mum and told her that Jane was pregnant, she wasn’t ready to tell her mum yet and she was really worried what people would think about her having a baby so young.

She didn’t want anyone to know yet, so it had to be top secret.

Having set the trap, I figured within a few weeks or so I would have some evidence we could use, but I was so, so wrong.

You know what was coming next…

The very next day my sister, grandma and neighbour all asked me how my young pregnant friend was doing.

When I was asked by a lady who worked at the supermarket (that same day) I figured this had gone far enough and went home to confront my mum, only to have my dad ask how Jane was doing.

I confronted my mum, right there in front of my dad, which is when she started with the usual “I would never do that, they must have heard from someone else” routine.

It was time to spill the beans.

I explained very shortly and clearly that we had fed her a lie to see how far it spread, and the reaction was glorious.

My mum’s mouth fell open and she just had nothing to say at all.

My dad on the other hand fell back on the sofa roaring with laughter, bemoaning the fact he hadn’t thought of this years ago.

It was a moment I will treasure forever, and the point was thoroughly made.

Now that my mum was aware of what had happened I was able to satisfy all further enquiries towards my friends health with the true story, and my mum’s audience for any further gossip was somewhat reduced.

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No one likes a gossiper!

So just go ahead and zip your lip!