March 15, 2024 at 10:41 pm

‘OSHA violations galore.’ – Dutch Bros. Coffee Employee Reveals That Working There Is “Garbage” For A Lot Of Concerning Reasons

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@sadieknx

It’s pretty unbelievable what some bosses and managers make their employees do…

Especially when those workers aren’t making a whole lot of money in the first place.

A young woman named Sadie talked to TikTok viewers about the bad experiences she had while working at a Dutch Bros. Coffee location.

Sadie said that she was forced to work outside in extreme temperatures while working for the coffee chain and explained, “I worked at Dutch Bros. for just over one year, and I’m gonna tell why you why it was garbage.”

She then added, “I’m convinced that this is the reason so many customers think that we’re all 16 years old. Why are we gossiping about each other and, like, to customers too?”

Source: TikTok/@sadieknx

She said that working in the intense heat caused some workers to almost faint and that she wasn’t allowed to wear tank-tops in the summer months because the managers were worried about her showing too much cleavage.

Sadie also said that they had to work outside during snowstorms, as well.

She added, “OSHA violations galore. Extreme weather being the main thing but also missing people’s breaks, people working for eight hours with zero breaks. Yeah, stuff like that.”

Source: TikTok/@sadieknx

And it gets worse…

Sadie said that one manager at the store ******** harassed employees but the manager never got into trouble because she was best friends with the store’s boss.

She added, “And then whenever I would talk about my experience, I was told it was just the ‘Dutch Bros culture.’”


Source: TikTok/@sadieknx

Check out what she had to say.


Replying to @Kat Marie why i quit dutch bros and will never go back #dutchbros #barista

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And here’s how folks reacted on TikTok.

One person has been there…

Source: TikTok/@sadieknx

Another person thinks SHE’S the problem.

Source: TikTok/@sadieknx

And one viewer sounds like she’s been there before, too…

Source: TikTok/@sadieknx

Be careful out there, workers!

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