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Pretentious Foodie Makes Expensive Steaks For Friendsgiving. But When One Girl Wants Her Steak Well Done, He Tries To Take Her Plate Back From Her.

by Ryan McCarthy

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To some people, a well done steak is literally worse than murder.

They would rather you run them over with a car then ask them to keep the meat on the grill for longer than five minutes.

And if that cut of meat is nice, like Wagyu? Well you might as well have just spit on their grandmother’s grave!

This user is definitely one of those people, but he crossed the line when he flat out refused to make a cut of Wagyu well done, and even tried to take his friend’s plate back when she asked!

Check it out!

AITA For Refusing to Make a $120 Cut of Steak Well Done?

So, we did a bit of an extravagant Friendsgiving this year.

I lucked into a strip loin of A5 Wagyu for a price that was unorthodox levels of cheap.

This is because my friend works for a high-end meat distributor and received it as a gift.

It was a tight-knit event with only 10 of us, mostly couples including my friend who only started dating a girl within the last couple months.

We had an array of dishes but I was responsible for cooking the meat.

And if the friend group wanted anyone handling the steaks, it was OP!

Steak is about the closest thing I have to a religion and I take it very seriously.

The average steak for me takes about 4-5 hours to prepare and cook from the sous vide, to the cast iron, to the plate.

Sometimes I take as much as 3-4 months butter aging or dry aging my meats to be certain that they are perfect.

These were genuine A5 so I only sous vide them after cutting them into two inch steaks.

And OP wasn’t just blessing his friends with steaks, he had a whole menu!

There was pretty perfectly enough for one each, but I also made jerk chicken, mandarin duck breast, and a cut off cherry jalape├▒o salmon.

I sous-vide the steaks to medium-rare to be sure the fat was well-rendered.

But I informed my friends that if absolutely necessary, I’d bring them up to medium on request.

But little did OP know the meat temperature would end up being such a contentious issue that friendsgiving!

Well, here comes the new girl to the group. She sees the first person cut into their steak and sees pink and she is just mortified.

Immediately she acts like she’s eating raw meat and stresses that the steak should be “brown all the way through or else you’ll get sick.”

I informed her that this wasn’t the case and that these steaks were actually cooked to the ideal temperature for the cut.

She immediately demanded that I cook hers till it was brown all the way through and I firmly said, “Not a chance.”

And soon OP and this girl were screaming at each other over a piece of meat.

She proceeded to get angry and yell that it was her steak and she should have it how she liked.

I told her that there were plenty of other meats to choose from as well as a plethora of side-dishes that she could have.

But I held firm that her steak was not being made well-done in my house. She said, “F***** a******.”

Then she got up and started to stick the steak in the microwave.

I shot up and grabbed it out of her hand first at which point half of the steak fell onto the ground.

And when OP’s dogs got to the steak, he couldn’t help but make one more comment…

My dogs quickly got to it to which I said, “Well, at least it went to someone who wouldn’t shit on a good steak.”

From there, there was definitely tension from that end of the table.

They ate a little bit then hurriedly left.

OP soon found out that he had some serious beef with his friend and his girlfriend. Get it? Beef? I crack myself up.

Since then, my long-time friend and his new girlfriend have blocked me on social media and my phone number.

They’ve even gone so far as to block the rest of the people at the table and cut off all ties.

Yesterday I received a PayPal invoice from my old friend for $25 that just said, “Pay for dry cleaning of her dress.”

I don’t think anything actually spilled on her, I think it’s just more drama.

But as of now I’m ignoring it and, unfortunately, probably washing my hands clean of an old friend.

AITA here?

I understand not wanting an expensive steak to go to waste, but was it really worth losing a life-long friend over a piece of meat?

Reddit was already over OP’s pretentiousness, with this user saying she was exhausted just reading the post.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But not everyone agreed, with this user saying Wagyu should never be served well-done.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But this user couldn’t excuse trying to take back the plate of food.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this commenter demonstrated OP’s ridiculousness by changing the food item but keeping the rhetoric the same.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, even this chef couldn’t justify OP’s poor attitude, and said everyone in this story seemed like the worst.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Well Chef, sounds like this is one friendship that just got 86’d!

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