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Professor Made A Strange Demand Of A Blind Student, So They Maliciously Complied And Taught Him A Valuable Lesson

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

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What professor asks for, professor gets.

“Back when I was working as a Classroom Technician for my local Community College after I graduated, the College had a need for a technical scribe for a blind student.

They needed someone who could not only provide direction of what the computer was showing on the screen that the Dragon software (software that audibly gave cues on what you were doing) was unable to, but also had the technical skills to also know how to work the software that was being used.

They got the job.

I fit in perfectly, and so was hired on to do the technical interpreting for the student for the quarter.

The professor assigned for the students to create a user interface that did some specific things. Well, the paper that he gave out had a general idea of what the students were to create.

To help, but not overly help, I designed the general GUI (Graphical User Interface) and then let the student do the brunt of the work that Dragon functioned for, and I filled in the gaps by verbally cueing him on where he was, and what to do next because Dragon wasn’t giving any cues.

Student then turned in the assignment.

They got called in…

Professor asks us to come to his office the next day, and says that he knows I did the GUI part, and it was the students responsibility to do their own interpretation of what he handed out.

I was about to explain, but the student grabbed my arm, politely apologized and said he will do as asked.

We leave his office and I ask what’s up?

He replied, can you edit the settings on those laser printers in the computer lab to print a page of nothing but black?

I said sure.

You asked for it.

So, we do so and after that black page was printed out, we went back to the professor’s office.

He said, well that was quick. The student handed over the paper, and the professor was very confused.

Student then spoke up: You said for me to design a GUI based off of what you printed. This is what I saw, so I am giving you my interpretation of the image that you printed for the class.

At that moment, the professor had a light bulb go off in his head realizing that he required a blind student to give their interpretation of an image he printed for the class.

He apologized, said the previous work will be counted, and for future assignments to proceed as we had been.

He then said to the student…well played.”

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Welp… he got what he asked for!

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