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Rude Customer Tried To Bully Them Into A Deal, So They Set Him Straight By Letting Him Know The Boss Is Their Dad

by Matthew Gilligan

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If you’ve ever worked in retail, you’ve dealt with guys like the one you’re about to meet in this story.

He and the boss are buddies!

Hey, they’re practically family!

Yeah, right!

Take a look at how this person handled it, we think they did a really good job!

Customer said I must not know my boss very well. I work for my dad.

“Pretty great story from work this morning where I got to one-up this guy.

So I’ll start by saying I work for my dad at his store. I work the front counter and interact with most people/customers. Also, I look a lot more like my mom. My dad runs a separate business as well but anybody who needs to talk to him for either business can usually find him in the office here.

This guy was pretty rude.

So this guy shows up this morning looking pretty ruffled and asks if my dad was here, I replied “you just missed him! He is out for the morning doing a couple things” he was very displeased by this information and was acting very loud/unprofessional.

He started looking around the store and eventually came back to the front counter with a piece of equipment that he wanted to “trade” for some work that he apparently did for him before. Keep in mind I know most of my dad’s workers and have never seen this guy before.

I told him that I don’t do any negotiations while he’s not here and I can’t just let him leave the store with something for free. I told him that normally he probably wouldn’t want to take that route but he was welcome to discuss it with him once he’s back.

This guy thought he could intimidate them.

He looked at me and replied “You’re making a big mistake here and you must not know _____ very well, because he would do this for me and blah blah blah.”

Oh, really?

I just looked at him and replied, “I actually do know him quite well, seeing as he is my father.”

I told him that he could either leave or wait for my dad to get back. He kind of looked up at me and was pretty speechless, I could tell he felt stupid and regretted his comment.

He ended up waiting around in his truck for my dad to show up and guess what? He wasn’t gonna do a trade. It’s almost like I know my boss well.

Apparently the guy just worked like 2 days for him and then quit. Plus the thing he wanted was way more expensive than what he was owed (side note the pay wasn’t made yet because we are bi weekly).

I swear some of the people around here are nuts. But a petty “don’t you know who I am?” moment made my day.”

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Nice try, buddy!

I don’t think he’ll try that again!

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