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Rude Customers Didn’t Want To Wait At The Drive Thru For Their Order, So Employee Explains How It Works And Watches Them Get Their Just Desserts

by Trisha Leigh

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I imagine that working fast food exposes one to all kinds of special folks, especially if you’re working after a certain time of night.

It’s probably amusing, most of the time, but other times people just go out of their way to truly entertain you.

OP works the drive thru and has noticed an uptick of “confused” individuals since certain laws were passed.

Hey all. If you know me, you know that I operate a drive thru in the wild west; living the dream in Arizona.

Things are hectic here at “Mendy’s”, but it’s been admittedly a little moreso and in a very different way since a certain brand of the Devil’s “Lettuce” has been legalized.

Like people are straight up wandering around the valley looking like they just landed on planet Arizona, not knowing the basics of life.

I mean I’m having to explain toilets, doors, water bottles (“Oh you gotta twisssst it brahhhh? Gnarls”), and especially the drive thru.

It’s like Idiocracy come to life, and we’ve got a crew of Luke Cunningham Wilsons and Maya Rudolphs, trying to make it through our day.

Recently, a car full of them pulled up but didn’t understand the process.

Last night another one of these aliens entered our air space, so i approach with my usual greeting (1 of 2 possible) “Hi welcome to Mendy’s, please hold on a second and I’ll be right with you”.

It’s policy that we must greet the car within five seconds (preferably three) of them setting our bell off (when they drive close enough for their window to reach the speaker).

So if we’re busy with a previous order or orders, we’ll greet and have them hold. Well this wasn’t cutting it for this carful of Dax Shepards’.

As soon as I told them to hold they were “Whaaaat??? What the fooooock? Naaaahhh no oo you talked to the other guy mannnn I swear to gawwwd braaah. Tell me what’s going on right now man what’s going ON!??? Don’t say no more words til you tell me what’s going on right now mannnn.”

He explained. They said they weren’t waiting.

Wow, just friggin wow.

This was a peppering of words, fired at me nerf style be the entire car of people. It was hard to say who said what, but I applied my MC to all of them, spray and pray style.

“Well, sir, you’re currently in a drive thru of an Arizona Mendy’s. By pulling your vehicle up to our speaker, you are entering into a social contract where I listen to what food you would like to order from our restaurant, and put that into our system so our amazing chefs know what to make for you. Sometimes I don’t have time to take that order with immediacy, so I’ll tell you to hold on until I’m ready to enter your order. I can only enter your order when I’m standing within reaching distance of the POS, and when I’m logged in. If I have told you to hold on, in about thirty seconds or less I will then take your order. Do you understand? Great, now hold on while I figure out what’s going on with the previous order”

Unfortunately, they forgot there was a car in front of them.

Then they’re responding “Oh no focking way all of that and I still have to wait you could have taken my order already we’re outta here!”

I try to reply as I hear them peeling out “Sir…”

But it was too late. They hit the car in front of them.

They were so mad that they forgot how stupidly high they were. They literally rammed the car in front of them.

They both had to pull forward but the car in front refused to move because they didn’t want these guys taking off. It shut our drive thru down for an hour and a half.

Our lobby was rockin. The kids each (all four) got arrested, three in handcuffs, one with his parents. It was a melee.

One kid wound up getting hauled off after everything, car was towed, and the other kids wound up in tears at the end of it.

Much drugs were involved, based on smell alone. And Grape of all flavors.

See what I mean? Free entertainment.

This fellow resident says things are rough.

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The lettuce tourists are everywhere.

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This person hopes OP writes a book.

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Yet another perk.

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There has to be some perks to working this fast food shift, right?

I think you just have to find people with the right attitude.

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