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School Counselor Told Them To Not Bother Applying To College. Later In Life After They Had Become Successful They Got Revenge.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@vladdeep

I remember I took a career test in high school and the results didn’t look great…

They said I could be a janitor…or a fountain worker…

I don’t even know what I fountain worker is!

But you better believe that I worked hard, did well in school, and here I am telling you my story today…for whatever that’s worth…

Check out this revenge story from Reddit…if you’ve ever been slighted before, you’ll appreciate it.

My guidance counsellor told me I wasn’t “university material”, and years later I pretended not to know her.

“Back in high school, I struggled hard.

I had a step-dad who adopted me and then ignored me my whole life, and a mom who was wrapped up in making his life perfect. Yeah he was what some might call a textbook narcissist, with my mom as his “flying monkey” (Wizard of Oz reference).

Things were tough.

Anyway, school was a difficult time for me, and I had a lot of anxiety and a hard time focusing. I attended all my classes, and was always doing very well on my assignments, but had trouble completing them.

My guidance counsellor was the same all through high school, and every year would start with a meeting with her, and I would explain I needed more help, because I was struggling to focus.

They weren’t getting much help.

She brushed me off every time, stating that I obviously wasn’t trying hard enough because I had no excuse, since my step-dad (adopted dad) was…wait for it…a social worker for the school board and personal friend of hers. Yeah it was awful.

At the end of high school we had our obligatory meeting about what colleges/universities or trades schools to apply to. I told her I was interested in psychology and would like to be a counsellor or to teach psychology.

And then she said it…

This woman scoffed. Literally scoffed at me. She said, and I quote “please do not apply to university. It would be a huge disappointment for you. You are not university material, and you may be better with a community college or even certificate in administration”.

Now let me say THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with going to community college or getting a certificate in something. Nothing at all.

But this woman’s words would haunt me my whole life. I wanted to pursue something I was very interested in, and she essentially told me I wasn’t smart enough or capable enough to do it.

It was time to make a change.

Fast forward to my late 20s. I worked at a variety of small jobs here and there and became very depressed. I finally decided one day that **** it – I’m applying for university.

Well I got in and I graduated with honors. So I went to teachers college for another bachelor degree. Again, graduated with honors. And about 5 years ago, I finally finished my Masters in behavioral psychology.

Two years ago step-dad passed away, and who is at the visitation? My old guidance counsellor.

This was gonna be good!

She came right over and started talking to me immediately like she knew me, like we’re old friends. I cut her off and said “I’m so sorry, you must be confusing me with someone else”. She looked absolutely shocked and said “I was your guidance counsellor! For 4 years.”

And I just shook my head and gave the best blank look I could give, shrugged and said “sorry, I honestly don’t remember you”.

When I left she looked a bit confused and disappointed. I think she had hoped for me to have all of these good memories of her, how helpful she was to me as a teen.

But nope. I wanted her to feel that she was nothing to me. Had zero effect (even though she did affect me, I wasn’t letting her know that).

I felt pretty good about that.”

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That is some nice revenge!

Nice work!

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