March 6, 2024 at 7:38 pm

She Changed Plans On Her Single Father Boyfriend At The Last Minute, And Now Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Annoyed With The Schedule Change

by Trisha Leigh

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There are more and more people who are making the choice to not have children. When they enter the dating pool, though, things can get a bit murky.

As in, then they have to decide whether or not they’re ok with dating people who are parents.

OP is one of those childfree folks and is dating a father for the first time.

I (F30) started dating this divorced guy (M30) a month ago.

I am childfree and I never want kids, but the fact that he has an 8 yo daughter doesn’t bother me.

The thing is, I have never dated men with children before so I am not used to adapting to children’s schedules.

He won’t let me be around when he goes see her, so we can only see each other when he’s not with her, which is usually on the weekdays (I misspelled and had to edit).

I don’t mind this. Sometimes this schedule changes and he sees her during the weekdays, and I’m also okay with it.

She recently made soft plans to hang out but then changed her mind.

The thing is I hinted that I wanted to see him x day, but I never said “I WILL see you x day”.

Turns out I actually can’t go to his house that day, so I said sorry it will have to be the following day.

He was annoyed because he had switched his visitation around to see her.

Now he says I’m the jerk because he had to change his whole schedule of seeing his daughter because of me, and I’m cancelling last minute.

I didn’t know this. I then asked if he could see his daughter x day instead, which made it worse. I’m not used to kids, I had no idea he’d change his schedule for me.

Am I inconsiderate for not thinking about this?

She’s wondering if this was her fault.

The reason I canceled is because I have an important gym class that I don’t want to miss.

I didn’t think it was a big deal, we aren’t even serious yet.

He lives 30 min away, the class would finish at 10pm, we’d just see each other for a couple of hours and then it’s again a 30 min drive for me.

I honestly didn’t assume nor ask him to change his schedule for me.

Reddit’s going to tell her the truth!

This guy says it’s just common courtesy.

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This person says the bf could have handled things better too, though.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Others think OP might be a bit selfish.

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It’s ok to just not date people with kids.

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Then again, an idea is not a plan.

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This isn’t her fault, exactly.

I do hope she uses it as a learning experience, though.

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