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She Got Her Dress Approved Ahead Of The Wedding, But The Bride And Her Bridesmaids Bullied Her For Upstaging Her

by Trisha Leigh

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Ah, weddings. These are supposed to be happy, fun celebrations, but too often, they turn into events that end up traumatizing at least a few of the people who showed up on the day.

Strange, but apparently it’s hard to avoid.

OP was friends with the groom and went out of her way to make sure her outfit was appropriate for their dress code.

It was my first Western wedding, so I was careful about avoiding any culture gaffe. I’m friends with the groom & asked him for the dress code. It was dressing up to our nines in neutrals & pastels. I have this lovely saree that fit the bill.

I sent him a picture & he said it’s perfect.

5 months before the wedding, I met the bride with many other of the groom’s friends at a bar. I showed her pictures of the saree to ask if it was appropriate.

I also told her I’d be happy to buy a new outfit if it wasn’t. So whatever she says will go.

She said it was delightful & she’d be glad to have some ‘culture’ added to her wedding pictures (lol ikr?)

On the day of the wedding, though, things started out ok.

The day arrived. Friends stayed in the back for the ceremony, so there weren’t many eyes on me. For the reception, the bride changed into a gown that could be best described as greyish white. It was the same fabric as my outfit.

The majority & outer layer of her gown was still white. Only the embroidery was the same colour as my saree & the underneath fabric had a hint of the same grey as mine (thus making it greyish).

The groom, his mother, & our friends complimented me for how nice I looked. The groom’s mother especially loved it as she kept coming up to me to compliment me more.

She’s half-Indian & was brought up in the country. She too had worn a saree for the special day & seeing someone else in it seemed to be sentimental for her.

But then things actually got pretty aggressive.

The bride & her bridesmaids, though, were a different ballgame.

The bride gave me the stink eye. A bridesmaid tried to spill her drink on me. Another commented if my outfit was going to turn out white in the pictures.

When we showed up to get group pictures done, I thoughtlessly ended up standing next to the couple. The bride made moves so that I ended up at the very corner by the time the photographer started clicking.

As we stood in a group for the bouquet throwing thingy, the maid of honor asked if I’m going to try to catch it like I haven’t gotten enough attention for the day.

She’s confused about what happened, and is wondering whether or not she actually did anything wrong.

On our way back, I asked my friends if my behavior or outfit was inappropriate. They didn’t think anything of it.


The top comment says mean girls will mean girl.

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This person definitely agrees.

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They bet the bride and groom already quarreled about it.

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And this commenter wishes they could have been there to see it.

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Some were a little more forgiving of the bride, though.

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Why are women like this sometimes?

Just let people live their lives, yeesh.

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