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She Told Her “Mom” Friend Group She Doesn’t Want A Man To Be Included, So They Responded By Cutting Her And Her Kids Out

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@linkedinsalesnavigator

This is a tricky story, friends…

It comes to us from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page and, while I can see where this woman is coming from, I also think that she’s pretty out of line…

But that’s just my opinion!

Get the whole story below and see what YOU think.

AITA for not wanting a guy included in our mom friend group?

“I (35F) am a single mother to 2 kids (5 & 3).

Both my kids are in daycare and over the years I have built a solid friend group with a handful of other moms and our kids regularly get together for play dates. The father of my kids is not in the picture at all and my relationship with him is non-existent.

This group means a lot to her.

This is 100% for the best and I am currently in therapy to deal with a lot of things that my ex did to me. This friend group has literally been a lifesaver for me at times.

A few months ago, there were 2 new kids that started at our daycare center. They are similar in age to my kids and were placed in the same classes as them.

I noticed that their dad was the only parent to ever pick up or drop off the kids. He would try to make small talk with me a few times, but I am uncomfortable around strange men so I would be polite, but not engage further than that.

Our mom group has a group chat that we use to support each other and arrange play dates. A few weeks ago, one of the moms texted the group chat that she was adding this new dad to our group chat because he wanted to have his kids participate in play dates outside of daycare.

She’s not okay with this.

I privately texted that other mom and told her that I don’t feel comfortable with a man I don’t know having my contact information and told her that she should have consulted all of us before deciding on her own to add him to our group chat.

I then texted the rest of the moms and told them that I want them to keep a separate group chat without the other dad because I don’t know him and it makes me uncomfortable.

This resulted in a lot of divided opinions with about half of the moms agreeing to a separate chat and the other half saying that would be too difficult to keep track of and that it is wrong to exclude another parent just because he’s a man and that I’m being unreasonable.

They tried to talk to her.

The mom I texted privately replied to me that she has talked with this dad numerous times and that he seems like a nice person and good parent and that his kids shouldn’t be excluded if they want to hang out with their friends outside of daycare. She told me I am being difficult and making this all harder than it needs to be.

The other day when I picked up my kids, my 5-year-old was upset because a bunch of his friends were talking about a playdate that he wasn’t invited to.

Not they’re on the outside.

I texted the moms about it and they said that they were getting the kids together with the new dad and didn’t invite my kids because of how I was acting.

I told them it was rude to exclude my kids like that and a couple of the moms told me to grow up because that’s exactly what I was trying to do to this dad and his kids.

I’m at a loss because these moms have been so supportive to me in the past and as soon as this dad comes into the picture it’s like they pulled a 180 and don’t seem to care at all. There are still other moms who agree with me, but now it’s like our friend group has been divided by this.”

Let’s see what folks had to say about this.

This person said a mouthful.

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Another individual nailed it.

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One person said she needs to get some therapy.

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This Reddit user agreed.

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And one reader talked about their own upbringing.

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The guy just wants to fit in!

Give him a break!

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