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She’s Embarrassed That Her Boyfriend Is A Cheapskate, And When He Tries To Use A Coupon At A Restaurant She Loses It

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@SuperbMidnight5524

I’m not gonna say anything about this story except that I’m kind of on the fence about what went down…

You’ll see what I mean in just a minute…

Get all the details below and see if you think this woman is being rude.

AITA for being embarrassed with my cheapskate boyfriend?

“We’ve been dating for about 4 months and mostly it’s been good. He’s cute, smart, and very successful.

She has one problem with him.

The only downside is that he’s almost addicted to buying things that are on sale or have coupons despite being a VP at his company.

I’m not talking about sometimes or even most of the time, I would be alright with that.

He never buys anything at full price.


He plans his cooking around what’s on sale that week at the grocery stores. All of his clothes were bought on sale or clearance, even his socks and boxers.

She’s embarrassed by him.

Last week we were at my friend’s house for dinner and she commented on his shirt.

He proudly said he got it on clearance last year for $20.

I was mortified.

Lastly, we don’t go to any restaurant unless he finds a coupon or they’re running some kind of special.

Things came to ahead last night when we went out to dinner. He had a digital coupon for buy one get one free.

For some reason, the restaurant’s computer didn’t recognize the deal and the poor cashier couldn’t make it work.

She thought this was cringe-worthy.

We were holding up the crowded line because he refused to pay for both dinners.

Finally the cashier called the manager but he was busy somewhere else in the restaurant. While we waited, the people behind us were getting annoyed. I was so embarrassed I left him standing in line by himself and went to the car.

We argued the entire drive home. We were supposed to go to the movies, because he got free tickets, but I wasn’t in the mood so he dropped me off. We haven’t texted today at all.

When I talked to my friends at brunch, they didn’t see a problem with it and I found it frustrating that they didn’t understand how embarrassing it is.

AITA or is this normal?”

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I don’t think these two are gonna work out.

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