March 15, 2024 at 3:27 am

She’s Used To Wearing Nothing But Her Underwear At Home, But Her Boyfriend Says She Has To Cover Up When His Family Is Around

by Trisha Leigh

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One of the funniest things about families is how everyone’s “normal” is different – and you really don’t start to discover this until you spend time in other people’s houses.

It can be quite the rude awakening…for everyone involved.

The “normal” in OP’s house is walking around however you’re most comfortable.

I 20f have been with my bf for almost 3 months.

I just started staying at his apartment recently for overnights. He’s my first real boyfriend.

I live at home with my family still and we’re very open. I walk around in a shirt and my underwear majority of the time, and it’s not an all girls house hold.

I have a dad, and two brothers ages 17 and 14.

I also did it growing up and I also have an older brother. If guest stopped by unannounced growing up so be it, they’d see us in our bedwear.

It’s just the normal for me, and I guess I expected other people to do it.

She walks around that way in her boyfriend’s house, too.

As you could probably imagine, I did this at my boyfriend’s apartment when it was just the two of us, which he loved.

Then two days ago his brother stopped by and I came out of the shower in a t shirt and booty underwear.

But apparently, he’s not cool with it when others are there.

When my bf saw me he immediately whispered to me to put on some pants which I did. After his brother left he was super angry an asked if I was trying to “seduce his brother or something.”

I told him I didn’t mean anything by it, just that at home I walk around like this, and he said well not at his home and not when we have guest.

He told me I looked like I was trying to “strut it for his brother.”

I apologized but he was super upset and went to sleep early, which isn’t like our normal sleepovers since I stay over so rarely.

It’s been 3 days and he hasn’t asked me to sleepover again.


Was OP wrong?

The top comment says yes, and she should have realized that on her own.

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This person agrees it’s odd behavior.

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But the boyfriend didn’t have to make it weird.

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He could have handled it way differently.

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And this person thinks the boyfriend needs to grow up.

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They need to work this out, for sure.

That said, his assumptions are big red flags.

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