March 16, 2024 at 8:37 pm

Horrible Doctor Convinces Woman To Get An Unnecessary Surgery And It Literally And Figuratively Scars Her For Life. – ‘I looked decrepit. I looked disgusting.’

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@Maggiethemags

When you go to a doctor for help, you expect to get better, not worse.

But that’s exactly what happened when TikToker @maggiethemags went to the doctor about acid reflux (heartburn).

She had surgery and suffered horrible side effects.

OP shared her story in a Tiktok video about it and it has been like over 37,000 times.

She began, “I’m gonna tell you the story of how a doctor lied to me and convinced me to get a surgery that I didn’t need, and now I’m stuck with a chronic illness for the rest of my life.”


She had really bad acid reflux since she was a kid, and even a ton of medicine wasn’t helping.

The initial testing went fine and it revealed that her problem was very serious.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I was a 10 on the level of acid.”

Source: Tiktok/MaggietheMags

So the doctor suggested a surgery, and the consequences sounded terrifying…

“If I didn’t get the surgery, I was already pre-cancerous and there was 100% chance of having cancer in my throat.”

I don’t blame her for believing the doctor. Who wouldn’t?

But even before the surgery, some huge warnings signs popped up…

“I had the surgery and on the day of the surgery he showed up two hours late. I was stuck on an IV just laying in my room for two hours.”

Source: Tiktok/MaggietheMags

And would you believe it that he just flat out ghosted her?

“I actually never saw him again after my consultation. We’ve never spoken since. I’ve called his office about 300 times. He refuses to see me.”

Source: Tiktok/MaggietheMags

The aftermath was horrible.

“I ended up having to be on a liquid diet for six months. I lost 40 pounds. I was already underweight, so that was really bad. I looked decrepit. I looked disgusting. I was so insecure.”

What’s more… when she got a second opinion… the new doctor was livid because the surgery was completely unnecessary.

Man, that first doctor did her dirty!

Check out the video for all the gory details…


Just needed to rant about this to someome because i feel bad complaining to my gamily and friends so much lol

♬ original sound – mags 🙂

These people had some things to say about what happened.

This commenter plays hard ball.

Source: Tiktok/@maggiethemags

According to this commenter, the doctor failed in multiple ways.

Source: TikTok/@Maggiethemags

I second this. You can’t be too careful.

Source: TikTok/@Maggiethemags

I love that patients with similar conditions offered her potential solutions.

Source: TikTok/@Maggiethemags

Lots of lessons learned here.

I hope she gets justice and I would love to see her health improve.

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