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Son Tells His Dad That $5,000 Won’t Be Enough To Pay For A Wedding, So Dad Calls Him and His Fiancée A Pair Of Spoiled Brats

by Ryan McCarthy

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We’ve all heard the older generations telling us how different things were when they were a kid.

There’s the classic, “I walked ten miles to school in 3 feet of snow every day while fighting off wild bears and traversing a mountain!”

But more than anything, Boomers can’t seem to understand how much prices have changed since they were a kid.

This ranges from little things like the cost of a gallon of gas, to big things like College Tuition or buying a home.

In the case of this user, he couldn’t wrap his head around the cost of a wedding, and criticized his son for telling him the 5,000 dollars he gave would barely be enough to cover the cost of the venue!

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AITA for telling my son he and his fiancée is spoiled?

I’ll try to keep this short. My (M57) son (M23) is engaged to Peggy (F22). They have been engaged for 5 months or so.

Our culture dictates that Peggy’s father and I share the costs for their wedding.

Her father said we should provide $10k each, a total $20k budget. I could afford this sure, but this seems insane and extravagant to me.

I said I would give $5,000 and he could give whatever he wanted. Peggy’s father also put up $5,000.

But OP’s son let him know that $10,000 was not nearly enough to cover their expenses.

I asked what he meant. He said no way would they be able to do their wedding in under $10k.

I said My own wedding, after haggling and deals, only came out to around $7k so I do not think this is an issue.

He argued against me and said that my wedding was 40 years ago and prices were different.

He outlined some prices and said the cheapest venue he could find was $5k, and food alone was going to be $2,5k.

Despite his disappointment, OP’s son thanked him for the money while OP offered ways to cut the costs of the wedding.

He again said he didn’t mind and he thanked me for giving them money for the wedding but I honestly felt hurt that he thought we were not giving enough.

I said how could food come out to 2500 dollars and he said that that was only around $25 per person.

I suggested ordering pizzas or sub sandwiches but he looked at me like I was crazy.

I said okay well we can just offer less for the photographer and decorator and he said that isn’t how things are done.

OP, however, wouldn’t let the issue go, and proceeded to make a comment that got him asked to leave!

I said it is how things are done, and maybe if Peggy and him weren’t so spoiled and expecting the best of the best for everything then $10k would be plenty.

After I said this he just closed his eyes and thanked me for the money and basically told me to get out.

I was complaining about this instance to my wife and she told me I was being a stick in the mud and it’s his only wedding. My friends agree with me though.


I don’t see why OP is so hung up on this? His son thanked him and told him he would cover the rest!

He’s allowed to say 10,000 wouldn’t cover the cost of a wedding today, especially since it’s absolutely the truth!

Reddit quickly pointed out that what OP’s son pays for with his money is none of OP’s concern.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And many said this was just another example of previous generations having no clue how financial situations have changed over the years.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This self-identified boomer pushed back, saying not all of his generation were out of touch with real life.

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This user was quick to come in with inflation calculations from 40 years ago to now.

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And finally, this commenter described a running joke about inflation he has come to share with his older parents.

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No one is saying OP has to give any more money than he already did, but he definitely needs to open his eyes to the reality of costs today!

A candy bar isn’t a nickel anymore, and you can’t pay off your college tuition with one summer of a part time job!

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