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Supervisor Was Threatened By Their Expertise And Tried To Get Them In Trouble, So They Played The Game And Got Them Fired For Not Following The Rules

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@spongebob_nopants

I’ve never understood people who feel threatened by co-workers who might be more skilled than them in one particular area.

Isn’t the whole point to work together?

Well, you know how some people can be…

Check out what happened when this person had to get even with a supervisor who needed a serious attitude adjustment.

Write me up for simple mistakes to get me fired? Prepare to get fired.

“Private security was my field up until a few years ago.

These folks were serious.

When I say security I don’t mean mall cops, but high end, armed trained security. I spent a few years working a job in another city away from home, but the company went under so I decided to move back home.

I found a security job online, it was simple entry level basically sitting behind a computer. You were security for the building, but monitored security for other sites the company owned across three states. Like small repair places, factories, places where they stored vehicles etc.

So I submitted my resume. The next day a guy calls and sets up an interview, awsome because I needed to find work fast. Went to the interview, conducted by a woman I’ll call Jane. She was the supervisor and the guy I talked to was her boss.

You got it!

Jane immediately told me I was way overqualified, which I found strange but ok. Interview went fine and I left. A few hours later she called and said I was hired and and set up training days.

Now I won’t go through that, just wanted to give background so let’s go to the good parts. She always gave me the cold shoulder. Her boss found out I haves all the qualifications, licensing and training to be armed, so he had me come in armed.

Nothing fancy, handgun, 3 magazines and handcuffs, she would always make comments about how everyone should be armed (a few of my co workers I wouldn’t trust with a water gun) and she should decide who is armed. Just little comments to get under my skin. Then one day it happened.

Then, it happened.

I was working the front desk/reception that day and she sends me a message over messenger telling me she needs to see me. I go back she drags me to a side office with a write-up form.

Apparently when I added door access to visitors badge I added the door to the gym in the basement, a mistake but not life threatening. A week later I didn’t sign my time sheet, another for not filling in a form correctly. All minor things everyone has done or did.

The end came about 9 months into the job when I looked at the new time sheet. I was paired with a new officer who had been there a month, only he was listed as shift supervisor.

Confused I took it to her second in command, I’ll call him Bob, a great guy. He told me that he brought it up, that I had the experience and seniority to be promoted and she basically told him to **** off it was her choice.

They weren’t cool with this.

Anyways that got me mad. So I started planning my revenge. I don’t normally do this but I knew one more right up I would be fired no matter how minor the infraction was. Good thing is during the night shift there is only 2 people and we cant see each other’s computers. So I started thinking.

I remembered about 4 months prior her car broke down in the parking lot across the street. Instead of having it towed, Janes father decided to fix it there. No big deal. Only during that time Jane was bringing her husband back into the security office.

This was a huge deal, the office took scanning at 3 doors and a keypad to enter. In the whole building only the security staff and one cleaning guy had access. It was the HQ for the company and not even the executives had access.

From our computers we could open any door, turn off any camera or alarm and open any gate in any building that the company owned. So it was a big deal because we had the keys to the kingdom. That was a huge violation, so I hatched my plan.

Let’s get down to business.

Under the excuse of having a smoke I went out to reception and copied the visitor log from those days.

I then went back in and accessed the video feeds, you could go back a year for all video feeds, and took screen shots of her husband entering the doors and office, the office itself had no camera, as well as with time stamps, him leaving and the fact he never swiped in, which following someone into a door, even if they hold it open you must scan your card.

I logged onto my private email and sent it to another email knowing they don’t log what you do on the computers. I got home and sent all the pics, the log copies and everything to not only her boss, but his boss whose job was investigating breaches and theft. I also included every dirty trick she pulled playing favoritisms etc.

The fallout didn’t take long. 2 days later, a Friday, I went in for afternoon shift and Bob was at Jane’s workstation. I looked confused and said Jane was suspended for a week and that Monday I had to come in and speak with her boss and bosses boss, but I would be paid for it. Also everyone was interviewed. It was great rumors were flying I was laughing on the inside.

It was time to let loose.

Ok interview day. I go in and they started questioning me. They knew I worked while she brought her husband in and asked me. I spilled everything after acting scared and gettin assurances it would be confidential and I won’t be punished.

I didn’t tell them I sent it but they asked everyone. I left out some things in the email and added some things that weren’t. I didn’t want to be labeled as a snitch. It went on for an hour and I left. Next day an email is waiting, Jane was fired, Bob was in charge until a replacement is added.

The truth came out…

I had a long talk with Bob that day. Turns out Jane was scared of me because I was more qualified for her job than she was and knew I was her bosses golden boy. She was afraid, rightfully so it turned out, that I might take her job and admitted to him she wanted me gone.

A fact he told them in his interview. Also that she didn’t want to hire me, but her boss made her. Turns out her boss was aware of things and looking for an excuse to fire her but it had to be big.

Jane had been working at that department for 10 years. It was her first real job and security was all she knew, they blacklisted her which means unless a company was really desperate she wouldn’t get a security job anywhere in the state. Icing on the cake.

I know you want to know. Yes I was offered her job, no I didn’t take it. I told them that Bob deserved it more, he did, and that I would be happy being a shift supervisor. So that’s what I stayed for the next 2 years until I left.”

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