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Tattoo Shop Worker Said He Didn’t Answer Calls, So Everyone Stopped Answering Questions For His Clients And He Lost A Ton Of Business

by Trisha Leigh

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It’s tough to find a workplace where you feel like you fit in, you’re happy, you’re paid well, and all of that.

So, a little malicious compliance happening your first week wouldn’t be enough to turn you off. Most likely.

OP just started at a small shop with one other tattoo artist and one piercer.

So I work at a tattoo/ piercing shop. I’m brand new to this shop and the following happened between my other two coworkers one who is an artist and the other is the piercer.

On this particular day it’s only the three of us at the shop, it’s also my first week so I’m just meeting my coworkers.

For a long time the shop ran with out a front desk person, they eventually hired someone and just recently decided to only have someone during the weekend.

This is all new to everyone (apparently) and I’m also new to the shop so I’m just going with the flow.

There was no front desk person, so they were all supposed to answer the phone, but the piercer said it wasn’t their job and they weren’t doing it.

Unbeknownst to me the piercer and artist had a conversation first thing in the morning (I think I was in my booth and heard of this story later on in the week)

Went along the lines of…

P: it’s bs that we don’t have a front desk person

A: yeah, buts it’s fine we are capable of attending people as they come in

P: well it’s not my job to greet people or answer the phone. Don’t expect me to take any calls

A: okay, bet. Then don’t.

So, the tattoo artist refused to talk to anyone about piercing.

The rest of the day the artist took the phone and answered every. Single. Call.

Now this is a busy street shop, particularly for piercings so majority of the calls are questions related to piercings.

So every call the artist took about piercings he’d say “ well that’s a piercer questions and I don’t answer those so I guess you have to come in and find out”.

All day long.

At some point he had to leave for 15 mins and handed me the phone giving me specific introductions to not answer anything about piercings.

I was like “okay???“ but did what I was told.

I found it strange but also didn’t question it.

Problem solved.

The piercer just sat in his station the entire day and sulked.

The next day, the owner was in and the piercer had a 180 change in attitude about answering the phone and not having a receptionist.

He started answering calls.

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Nobody likes people like that.

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They are wondering if OP was really not involved.

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No one says learning a lesson was easy.

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In case you need a breakdown.

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Sometimes the answer is really simple.

Those are good times.

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